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  1. According to Greek mythology, Coeus is the Titan God of the North, and the Titan of Resolve and Intelligence as well as the embodiment of the celestial axis around which the heavens revolve. The etymology of Coeus’ name provided scholars to theorise that he was also the God of intellect and represented the inquisitive mind, resolve and foresight.

  2. Coeus is a research administration and grant management system developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Office of Sponsored Programs. The system centralizes stored information about proposals, protocols, and negotiations and is the system of record for most research activities for the University.

  3. Koios (Coeus) was the Titan-god of the inquisitive mind, his name meaning "query" or "questioning". His wife, Phoibe (Phoebe), was the goddesss of the prophetic mind. Together, the couple may have functioned as the primal font of all knowledge, both that born of heaven (Krios son of Heaven) and derived from earth (Phoibe daughter of Earth).

  4. › coeus › loginCoeusWeb for VUMC

    CoeusWeb for Vanderbilt University Medical Center The use of CoeusWeb™ requires a valid VUNETID and password. VUnetid Password Login Return to Coeus Premium launch page

  5. COEUS HealthCare industry experts designed COEBRA with the insights from over 130 value-based contracts they have skillfully implemented. Our ability to deliver insightful patient data can inform and support pricing and contracting decisions and advance patient access to medicines.

  6. Install CITRIX for Coeus Premium: PC Install CITRIX for Coeus Premium: MAC Use this Coeus Link only if you wish to use Coeus Lite, which is an entirely web-based version of Coeus and does not require the use of JAVA or CITRIX. Note that you will still need to set up a VPN session in order to access Coeus. Launch Coeus Lite

  7. Major Components of COEUS Proposal Development and Tracking (routing, approval, submission); and Award Processing (negotiation, award acceptance). The system is also used for Institutional Review Board, subcontracts, negotiations and conflict of interest. Documentation and Guides Coeus Lite Approver Addendum [PDF]

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