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  1. Anna Denners Conrad Niess in Germany, Marriages, 1558-1929 Anna Denners married Conrad Niess on month day 1723, at marriage place . Conrad IV Niess, 1806 - 1877 Conrad IV Niess 1806 1877

  2. Conrad | Definition of Conrad at

    Conrad definition, U.S. astronaut. See more. ... king of Germany 1024–39 and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1027–39. ... Conrad IV. noun. 1228–54, king ...

  3. Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor | Article about Conrad II, Holy ...

    Conrad II, c.990–1039, Holy Roman emperor (1027–39) and German king (1024–39), first of the Salian dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire. With the end of the Saxon line on the death of Henry II Henry II,

  4. Family of Conrad III + of HOHENSTAUFEN and Gertrude + of SULZBACH

    Conrad III (1093 in Bamberg – 15 February 1152 in Bamberg) was the first King of Germany of the Hohenstaufen dynasty. He was the son of Frederick I, Duke of Swabia, and Agnes, a daughter of the Salian Emperor Henry IV.

  5. When was Conrad Buff IV born - Answers

    King Conrad IV of Germany was born on April 25, 1228. Asked in Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages What is Conrad IV of Germany's birthday?. Conrad IV of Germany was born on April 25, 1228.

  6. GERMANY, KINGS - FMG, Kings.htm

    KINGS of GERMANY 1138-1254, HOHENSTAUFEN. Chapter 9. KING of GERMANY 1198-1218, WELF. Chapter 10. ANTI-KING of GERMANY 1246-1247, THURINGIA. Chapter 11. KING of GERMANY 1247-1256, HOLLAND. Chapter 12.

  7. Conrad IV - Encyclopedia

    conrad iv. (1228-1254), German king, son of the emperor Frederick II. and Isabella of Brienne, was born at Andri a in Apulia on the 26th of April 1228. In 1235 he was made duke of Swabia and in 1237 was chosen king of the Romans, or German king, at Vienna, in place of his half-brother Henry, an election which was subsequently confirmed by the ...

  8. Conrad Iv And William Ii Of Holland Published In 1876 Stock ...

    Download this Conrad Iv And William Ii Of Holland Published In 1876 vector illustration now. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free vector art that features 2015 graphics available for quick and easy download.

  9. The Germany Shock: The Largest Economy ... - Conrad Bastable

    Jan 16, 2020 · How Germany Is Able To Run The World’s Second Largest Export Economy In The Post-Industrial Era “ The Germany Shock ” describes European growth & the efficiency-maximizing centralization of European manufacturing activity after the launch of the Single Market and the Euro .

  10. German History - On This Day

    1218-05-01 Rudolph I of Germany, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1273-91), born in Limburgh Castle, Sasbach am Kaiserstuhl, Germany (d. 1291) 1228-04-25 Conrad IV, King of Germany, Jerusalem and Sicily, born in Andria, Sicily (d. 1254) 1276-10-04 Margaret of Brabant, Queen of Germany (d. 1311)