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      • Conrad of Bavaria (German: Konrad von Bayern; Italian: Corrado di Baviera) (c. 1105 – 17 March 1126 or 1154) was a Cistercian monk, the son of Henry the Black, Duke of Bavaria.,son%20of%20Henry%20the%20Black%2C%20Duke%20of%20Bavaria.
  1. Conrad of Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Conrad of Bavaria (German: Konrad von Bayern; Italian: Corrado di Baviera) (c. 1105 – 17 March 1126 or 1154) was a Cistercian monk, the son of Henry the Black, Duke of Bavaria. The former Molfetta Cathedral, now renamed church of Saint Conrad of Bavaria , is dedicated to him, and he is also the patron saint of Molfetta, although formally speaking he was beatified rather than canonised.

  2. Conrad I, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Conrad I (c. 1020 – 5 December 1055), also known as Cuno or Kuno, was the duke of Bavaria from 1049 to 1053. He was of the Ezzonen family, his parents being Liudolf, Count of Zütphen and eldest son of Ezzo, Count Palatine of Lorraine, and Matilda. For this, he is sometimes called Conrad of Zutphen.

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    CONRAD OF BAVARIA, BL. Cistercian monk; b. c. 1105; d. Modugno, Italy, March 17, 1154. He was the son of Henry the Black (d.1126), duke of Bavaria. Conrad studied in cologne and entered the Abbey of morimond in 1125.

  4. Conrad, Prince of Bavaria, 1883 - 1969 Conrad, Prince of Bavaria was born on month day 1883, at birth place, to Leopold Maximilian, Prince of Bavaria and Gisela Louise, Archducess of Bavaria (born Austria). Leopold was born on February 9 1846, in Munchen, Bavaria. Gisela was born on July 12 1856, in Laxenburg.

  5. Conrad | king of the Germans | Britannica

    Conrad, (born Feb. 12, 1074—died July 27, 1101, Florence), duke of Lower Lorraine (1076–89), eldest son of the emperor Henry IV, who had him crowned king of the Germans in 1087 in an attempt to confirm the imperial succession in the Salian line.

  6. Conrad I, Duke of Bavaria - geni family tree

    Jun 20, 2018 · Conrad: Birthdate: circa 1019: Birthplace: Bavaria, Germany: Death: 1055 (31-40) Immediate Family: Son of Liudolf, Count of Zutphen and Matilda of Zutphen Husband of Judith of Schweinfurt Brother of Adelheid van Zutphen and Heinrich. Occupation: Hertig i Bayern, Hertig av Bayern: Managed by: Douglas John Nimmo: Last Updated: June 20, 2018

  7. Conrad I of Germany - Find A Grave Memorial

    Conrad I (German: Konrad; c. 881 – December 23, 918), called the Younger, was the first non-Carolingian king of East Francia from 911 to 918. He was the first elected king of East Francia and also the first one to be anointed.[1]

  8. Conrad III | king of Germany | Britannica

    Conrad III, (born 1093—died Feb. 15, 1152, Bamberg, Ger., Holy Roman Empire), German king from 1138 to 1152, the first king of the Hohenstaufen family. The son of Frederick I, duke of Swabia, and grandson of Emperor Henry IV, Conrad was appointed duke of Franconia by his uncle, Emperor Henry V, in 1115.

  9. Saint Conrad of Parzham - Franciscan Media

    Saint Conrad of Parzham’s Story Conrad spent most of his life as porter in Altoetting, Bavaria, letting people into the friary and indirectly encouraging them to let God into their lives. His parents, Bartholomew and Gertrude Birndorfer, lived near Parzham, Bavaria. In those days, this region was recovering from the Napoleonic wars.

  10. Conrad I "the Elder", count of Auxerre - geni family tree

    Feb 09, 2003 · Conrad I "l'Ancien" was the count of several counties, most notably the Aargau and Auxerre, around Lake Constance, as well as Paris from 859 to 864. He was also the lay abbot of Saint-Germain in Auxerre. He was one of the early Welfs, a member of the Bavarian branch, and his sister Judith was the second wife of Louis the Pious.

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