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  1. Princess Tatiana Constantinovna of Russia - Wikipedia

    Princess Tatiana Konstantinovna of Russia (Russian: Княжна Татьяна Константиовна; 23 January 1890 – 28 August 1979) was the third child and oldest daughter of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia and wife, Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg.

  2. Constantin Vassilievich - Wikidata

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  3. List of philosophers born in the 20th century - Wikipedia

    Philosophers born in the 20th century (and others important in the history of philosophy) listed alphabetically: For the history of philosophy in the 20th century, see 20th-century philosophy . Note: This list has a minimal criterion for inclusion and the relevance to philosophy of some individuals on the list is disputed.

  4. Alexei Vassilievich Babichev (1887 - 1963) Taddeo Babicz (Born 1926) ... Constantin Baciu (1930 - 2005) Frederic Back (Born 1939) Quebec / Canada, Germany

  5. European Evaluators LLC - Paintings , Nov. 22nd Auction

    Auctioneer: European Evaluators LLC, Paintings , Nov. 22nd Auction, Date: November 22nd, 2010 GMT, Location: New York, NY, United States

  6. Ντμίτρι του Σούζνταλ - ΒικιπαίδειαΝτμίτρι_του...

    Ο Ντμίτρι Κωνσταντίνοβιτς (ρωσ.:Дми́трий Константи́нович, ο λεγόμενος μονόφθαλμος, 1322 - 5 Ιουνίου 1383) από τον Οίκο των Ρουρικιδών ήταν πρίγκιπας του Σούζνταλ και του Νίζνι-Νόβγκοροντ.

  7. Browse by artists on FindArtInfo – Old Masters, Modern and ...

    Browse Modern and Contemporary artists with auction results, signatures and monograms. ... Alexei Vassilievich (1887-1963) • Babierz, Jacques ... Constantin (1884 ...

  8. Irina Illarionovna Vorontsova-Dashkova : Family tree by ...

    (Parents : Sergei Dmitrievich Sheremetev, comte Sheremetev 1844-1918 & Ekaterina Pavlovna Viazemskaya 1849-1926) with Elisaveta Dmitrievna Sheremeteva 1893-1974 Married 27 April 1912 (Saturday), Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie, toBoris Leonidovitch Viazemsky 1883-1917

  9. Persons eligible to succeed to the British Throne as of 1 ...

    1-1-2-2-1-a-c-c] Children of Constantin Pz v Oldenburg 435. Nikolaus Gf v Zarkenau (*1886) X. [Alexis Gf v Zarkenau] 436. Peter Gf v Zarkenau (*1889) 437. Konstantin Gf v Zarkenau (*1916) 438. Nina v Zarkenau (*1919) 439. Alexandra v Zarkenau (*1883) m1. Georgi Aleksandrovich Yourievski m2. Lev Vassilievich Narychkine 440.

  10. Dmitri Sergeïevich Sheremetev : Family tree by frebault ...

    Irina Dmitrievna Sheremeteva 1896-1965 Married 4 August 1918 (Sunday), Kislovodsk, Russie, toGeorgi Dmitrievich Mengden-Altenwoga 1897-1983; Praskovia Dmitrievna Sheremeteva 1901-1980 Married 16 November 1921 (Wednesday), Cap d'Antibes, toRoman Petrovitch de Russie 1896-1978 with