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  1. Solidus of Constantine II as caesar, marked: constantinus iun· nob· caes· on the obverse ("Constantine Junior, Noblest Caesar") and victoria caesar· n·n· ("the Victory of Our Caesars") The eldest son of Constantine the Great and Fausta , Constantine II was born in Arles in February 316 [2] and raised as a Christian.

  2. Constantine was born in the afternoon of 2 June 1940 at his parent's residence, the Psychiko Palace in Psychiko, a suburb of Athens. He was the nephew of King George II, and also the second child and only legitimate son of the childless king's younger brother and heir presumptive, Crown Prince Paul.

  3. Constantine II, Roman emperor from 337 to 340. The second son of Constantine the Great (ruled 306–337), he was given the title of caesar by his father on March 1, 317. When Constantine the Great died in 337, Constantine II and his brothers, Constans and Constantius II, each adopted the title

  4. Nov 09, 2020 · Flavius Claudius Constantinus(AD ca. 317 - AD 340) Constantine II was born at Arelate, the son of Constantine and Fausta. His date of birth though is reported as being at some time in February AD 317. This date though is of some doubt since it is known that Fausta's son Constantius II was born in

  5. Constantine II, whose full name was Flavius Claudius Constantinus, was the son of Constantine I and Fausta. Primary sources for the life and reign of Constantine II are scarce. He was probably born in Arles in the summer of 316 A.D. and, like his brothers, raised as a Christian. He was made a Caesar on 1 March 317 and was involved in military ...

  6. Constantine II, king of Greece from 1964 to 1974. After spending World War II in exile in South Africa, Constantine returned to Greece in 1946. When his father became King Paul I in 1947, Constantine became crown prince; he succeeded to the throne upon his father’s death on March 6, 1964.

  7. Constantine II still had guardianship over Constans and was unwilling to relinquish control over him, even when the latter had come of age and no longer needed a guardian. Furious at what he saw as his younger brother's ungrateful and delinquent attitude, Constantine II invaded Italy in 340 with his army intent on seizing more territory by force.

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