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    HeavyBid is an estimating and bidding software for crew-based infrastructure construction. The solution has been used for estimates in earthwork, underground, highway, pipeline, mining, plants, and other heavy construction. HeavyBid will rapidly develop…

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    B2W Estimate software for heavy civil construction estimating and bidding enables contractors to bid with speed, accuracy, and strategy. Users can pre-populate a centralized database with cost data and structures for labor, tasks,...

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    PipelineSuite is a web-based construction bid management software used by general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to perform pre-construction functions quickly. PipelineRFQ is the bidding software that refines the process of creating bidders lists and sending bid invitations with the fewest amount of clicks.

  5. SmartBid is the leading construction bid management software for general contractors worldwide. With the SmartBid general contractor software, GCs can access a web-based and mobile platform to streamline their bid project data, documents and subcontractor communications during preconstruction. SEE WHY THEY CHOSE US WHAT OUR USERS SAY

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    Win more work with streamlined construction bidding software. Procore's software allows organizations to solicit bids for projects while providing a central location for managing and viewing the status of all bids. Contractors can download bid packages from Procore and submit bids directly back into the system.

    • What Is Construction Estimating Software?
    • Estimating Software For Improved Bidding and Job Cost Forecasting
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    • Constructing Estimating and Other Industry-Specific Options
    • Examining Estimated Job Costs in Depth
    • What Is Included with Construction Estimating Software?
    • Taking The Next Step

    Construction estimating software helps contractors estimate the costs of construction for a specific project. Estimates are created by calculating labor costs, material costs, subcontractor costs, and equipment costs, for the purpose of finding and submitting a bid price for a project. Consider to be a subset of construction management software, estimates generated via construction estimatingsoftware will turn into a construction contract and will lead into the management of the project itself. Engineers, architects, and construction managers will utilize cost estimating software in the construction field for overall bid management but also on any need to create a cost estimate. Beyond job cost estimation, construction estimating software can provide payment tracking, report generating, and building schedules.

    Estimating software provides standard processes to build cost models for executing job-based work. It is used most commonly in the construction industry–but can also apply to other industries that conduct work on a project basis and need to determine likely costs of completing the work. Critical benefits provided by estimating software include: 1. Reduced labor costs by saving time spent on preparing job estimates 2. Improved ability to ensure project profitability by producing more reliable estimates using automated calculations and historical performance data 3. Higher bid win rates by turning around quotes to customers more efficiently 4. Lowered job costs through identification of cost control strategies such as more selective job selection, strategic sub-contracting, and alternative material/service sourcing

    There are many advantages to utilizing software in the estimating process. Consider some of the capabilities of estimating software to: 1. Create Takeoffs. A capable estimating program allows you to easily use blueprints to identify the scope of the project. With the scope identified, you’re able to reverse engineer back to a parts list and more reliably create data-driven price estimates. The same process works in relation to labor costs. As you break a job into smaller sub-components, you’re able to more accurately project costs. 2. Create “what if” scenarios. Imagine you’re bidding on road construction. You have the measurements of the road but maybe you want to present your customer with a choice materials. A flexible program will help you create two different scenarios showing the cost of each, not just in labor and materials, but also maintenance over the life span. Or maybe you are remodeling a kitchen for a customer. The ability to quickly swap in and out different cabinet s...

    Electricians, plumbers, many manufacturers, builders, and HVAC companies all deal with estimating on a daily basis. However, some of the elements of the estimating process can be different in each environment. A program written with your industry in mind can help shorten the learning curve for your company’s estimating software users.

    A good estimating program will give you an analytical foundation to understand your costs in different areas within the job. Breaking down estimates and costs by sub-projects, physical areas or by other organizing units provides a wealth of info for understanding which job elements are driving the profit or loss on the project overall. Also, if you’re looking to identify payback, you may need to segment costs to track the resulting revenues. For instance, if you’re a builder looking to lease your own space, it’s typically an imperative to set up rates built on an understanding of what’s required for per unit cost recovery. So, you may want to track the cost of the overall project, by building, or by unit.

    Very often it’s necessary to interface an estimating program with your accounting and job costing system. The ability to pass data related to the project will help you track your actuals to your estimated costs. In fact, there are major advantages to considering an estimating module as part of a full system–to ensure seamless integration. Whether you are looking for an add-on module or full ERP program, you can utilize our service to uncover the specific estimating packages best suited to your needs.

    If you are looking to find estimating software options to consider, we can help. Through a brief phone call, our software specialists will look to better understand your business and software needs to help you locate a handful of solutions that can address the issues you are currently experiencing. Get started today!

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