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  1. Music Choice Plus is a subscription music and video service that brings you everything you love about Music Choice, but with added exclusive perks. Listen to the songs you want, when you want, create playlists, stream offline, & more.

  2. Jun 07, 2021 · For decades, the Billboard Hot 100 and Top 40 charts have been populated with rhythm and blues, an American musical genre first developed by Black artists in the mid-twentieth century.

  3. The 40th Annual American Music Awards was held on November 18, 2012 at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles. The awards recognized the most popular artists and albums from the year 2012. The awards recognized the most popular artists and albums from the year 2012.

  4. The Raw & the Cooked was a "melting pot of styles", its "shopping list of genres" encompassing Mod, funk, Motown, classic British pop, R&B, punk, rock, and disco, while tying them all together into artful contemporary pop. to form "the perfect balance between artistic and commercial, organic and synthetic, past and present".

  5. Sep 27, 2018 · Rhythm & Blues (abbreviated R&B) is a term used to describe the blues-influenced form of music which has been predominantly performed by African-Americans since the late 1930s. The term 'Rhythm and Blues' was first introduced into the American lexicon in the late 1940s: the name's origin was created for use as a musical marketing term by ...

  6. During the '50s, R&B was dominated by vocalists like Ray Charles and Ruth Brown, as well as vocal groups like the Drifters and the Coasters. Eventually, R&B metamorphosed into soul, which was funkier and looser than the pile-driving rhythms of R&B. Soul came to describe a number of R&B-based music styles.

  7. Jan 13, 2020 · Combining elements of different genres, such as dance, hip hop, pop, funk, soul, and blues, R&B is a distinctive style for music lovers. Whether you are a fan of this type or not, the following R&B music quiz questions and answers will provide you with interesting trivia facts. Let’s check it out. R&B Music Quiz Questions And Answers

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