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  1. コロマンデル海岸(英語:Coromandel Coast)は、インド南東部の海岸。クリシュナ川の河口からカリメール岬に至るまでの海岸を指す。全長は約720キロメートル。 なお、コロマンデル地方は歴史的にはサントメとも称した。

  2. Coromandel Superfast Express. Coromandel Express is one of the flagship trains of the Indian Railways, which runs down the east coast of India between Howrah Junction (HWH) in West Bengal and Chennai Central (MAS) in Tamilnadu on daily basis. It is one of the earliest Superfast in the history of IR. Most of the people going to Chennai prefer ...

  3. Coromandel Coast locator map Beskrivning India Coromandel Coast locator map.svg Locator map of the region of Coromandel Coast , India with district boundaries.

  4. The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. AMH-4560-NA Maps of the lodges at Sadrangapatnam and Porto Novo.jpg. AMH-5350-NA The coasts of Malabar and Coromandel.jpg. AMH-5506-NA Map of the coasts of Coromandel and Orissa.jpg. AMH-5609-NA Map of the east coast of Ceylon and Coromandel.jpg. AMH-6382-NA Map of the Coromandel coast ...

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    Atiu iti king Bebe Dayatmalat a Coromandel (Coromandel Coast) ning Bay of Bengal. Mitátag ya kanitang kalampitung (17th) dilanua o siglu ing lakanbalen kapamilatan da reng talasakup ibat Britania. Ing Britania ing peparagul kaniti ba yang maging manimunang sentrung urban ampong basing pang ukbung dayatmalat ( naval base ).

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    Chennai (ெசன்னை in Tamil ), kent as Madras an aw, is the caipital o the state o Tamil Nadu an is Indie 's fowert lairgest city. It is locatit on the Coromandel Coast o the Bay o Bengal. Wi a nae-pruived 7.45 million indwallers ( 2005 ), the 367-year city is the 41st lairgest metropolitan aurie in the warld.

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