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  1. Crazy People (1990) - IMDb

    Apr 13, 1990 · Directed by Tony Bill, Barry L. Young. With Dudley Moore, Daryl Hannah, Paul Reiser, J.T. Walsh. A bitter ad executive who has reached his breaking point, finds himself in a mental institution where his career actually begins to thrive with the help of the hospital's patients.

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    • Tony Bill, Barry L. Young
    • R
  2. Watch Crazy People | Prime Video

    Crazy People is a one joke movie, but the joke is given enough amusing variations as a very unwell looking adman Dudley Moore (in a part he took over when mystifying original choice John Malkovich walked out) starts designing honest ad campaigns and finds himself committed to a mental hospital alongside several benignly stereotyped cuckoos ...

  3. Crazy People (1990) - Rotten Tomatoes

    Nov 23, 2015 · Ad executive Emory Leeson (Dudley Moore) decides to pursue the truth-in-advertising philosophy to its natural extreme and is institutionalized when his strategy meets with little approval from his ...

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    • comedy
    • R
  4. Crazy People - Wikipedia

    The movie was released on VHS and Laserdisc (now out of print) in late 1990, and on widescreen DVD in 2004. The soundtrack featured the song "Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)" by Mötley Crüe and the "Hello Song" performed by Floyd Vivino. See also. List of American films of 1990; External links. Crazy People on IMDb; Crazy People at Rotten ...

  5. Crazy People - Stream and Watch Online | Moviefone

    Released April 13th, 1990, 'Crazy People' stars Dudley Moore, Daryl Hannah, Paul Reiser, J.T. Walsh The R movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 30 min, and received a user score of 56 (out of 100) on ...

  6. Crazy People movie review & film summary (1990) | Roger Ebert

    I wonder if they have a squad out in Hollywood named the Movie Police, who swoop down on screenplays and enforce all of the obligatory cliches and story formulas. Every once in a while you find a movie that has the spark of inspired craziness in it, that has a few scenes that tell you the people who made the movie were nutty but brilliant. And then, just when your hopes are beginning to stir ...

  7. A Scene from the movie Crazy People - YouTube

    The advertizing scene from the movie crazy people

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  8. Crazy People - YouTube

    A bitter ad executive who has reached his breaking point, finds himself in a mental institution where his career actually begins to thrive with the help of t...

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  9. 15 Amazing Movies About People Going CRAZY | ScreenRant
    • Eraserhead. Just as Antichrist might be the world as seen by someone with depression, Eraserhead may be a vision of the modern world as seen by someone suffering from severe, severe anxiety.
    • Taxi Driver. Martin Scorsese's portrait-in-film of a lonely Vietnam vet working as a taxi driver in the New York slums remains cinema's definitive character study of someone going crazy.
    • Barton Fink. The Coen brothers wrote this 1991 Palme d'Or winner after their writing progress on another film (that would become Miller's Crossing) slowed to a halt -- which may be the reason why Barton Fink is so focused upon writer's block and its effect on what the film refers to as "the life of the mind."
    • Antichrist. Antichrist is not for the weak of heart. It concerns an unnamed couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) whose infant son crawls through an open window while they are having sex.
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