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    Crotone (/ k r oʊ ˈ t oʊ n eɪ, k r ə ˈ-/, Italian: [kroˈtoːne] ; Crotonese: Cutrone or Cutruni) is a city and comune in Calabria. Founded c. 710 BC as the Achaean colony of Kroton ( Ancient Greek : Κρότων or Ϙρότων ; Latin : Crotona ), it was known as Cotrone from the Middle Ages until 1928, when its name was changed to the ...

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    • Crotone (KR)
  2. Jul 20, 2018 · Crotone. Crotone is a city in Calabria. Located along the coast of Southern Italy, Crotone attracts tourists from all around the country as well as the world due to its panoramic location and its classic Italian lifestyle. The city has had a long and eventful history, with several ups and downs, and has now managed to become an economically ...

  3. Crotone, Latin Croton, port town, Calabria regione, southern Italy. It lies along the Gulf of Taranto, northwest of the Cape of Colonne, and east-northeast of Catanzaro. It was known as Cotrone from the Middle Ages until the Italian form of its early name was restored in 1928. The town was founded by Achaean Greeks led by Myscellus about 710 bc. Like Sybaris, it soon became a city of power and ...

  4. 2022. Da Capo Colonna a Le Castella. 401. Ancient Ruins. National Archaeological Museum of Crotone. 187. History Museums, Speciality Museums. Museo e Parco Archeologico Nazionale di Capo Colonna. 115.

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