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  1. Colonial Spanish America - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Spanish and Portuguese empires in 1790. Flag of Spanish conquistadors with crown of Castile on a red flag, used by Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro and others Part of a series on European colonization of the Americas First wave of European colonization British Couronian Danish Dutch French German Hospitaller Norse Portuguese Russian Scottish Spanish Swedish Italian Colonization of Canada ...

  2. Henry IV of Castile - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Henry IV of Castile (Castilian: Enrique IV) (5 January 1425 – 11 December 1474), King of Castile, nicknamed "the Impotent", was the last of the weak late medieval kings of Castile. During Henry's reign, the nobles became more powerful and the nation became less centralised.

  3. Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (1707) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · The Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo was a successful siege of the Spanish city of Ciudad Rodrigo, between 18 September and 4 October 1707, in which a Franco-Spanish army under command of Alexandre Maître, Marquis de Bay conquered the city.

    • Franco-Spanish victory.
  4. John of the Cross - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · John of the Cross (born Juan de Yepes y Álvarez; Spanish: Juan de la Cruz; 24 June 1542 — 14 December 1591), venerated as Saint John of the Cross, was a Spanish Catholic priest, mystic, and a Carmelite friar of converso origin.

    • 14 December, 24 November (General Roman Calendar, 1738–1969)
    • 1542, Fontiveros, Ávila, Spain
  5. Andrés de Urdaneta - Wikipediaés_de_Urdaneta

    1 day ago · Urdaneta was one of the few survivors of the Loaísa expedition to reach the Spice Islands late in the year 1526, only to be taken prisoner by the Portuguese. Urdaneta spent the next eight and a half years in and around the Spice Islands, but eventually he managed to return to Europe in the Portuguese India Armada and under Portuguese guard.

  6. 1492 - Wikipedia

    April 17 – The Capitulations of Santa Fe are signed between Christopher Columbus and the Crown of Castile, agreeing on arrangements for his forthcoming voyage. June 8 – Death of Elizabeth Woodville, the last living Yorkist queen. July 31 – The Jews are expelled from Spain; 40,000–200,000 leave.

  7. Amerigo Vespucci - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · During the next few months he received payments from the crown for his services and in April he was declared by royal proclamation a citizen of Castile and Leon. [26] [27] From 1505 until his death in 1512, Vespucci remained in service to the Spanish crown.

  8. Conquistador - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Besides the Crown and the conquistador, they were very important the backers who were charged with anticipating the money to the Capitán and guarantee payment of obligations. Armed groups sought supplies and funds in various ways. Financing was requested from the King, delegates of the Crown, the nobility, rich merchants or the troops themselves.

  9. 알카소바스 조약 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전알카소바스_조약

    1 day ago · 카스티야 왕위계승전. 1474년 12월, 카스티야의 엔리케 4세 사망 후, 엔리케 4세의 이복동생인 이사벨 1세와 엔리케 4의 딸 후아나(1462~1530) 사이에서 왕위계승 다툼이 벌어졌다.

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