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  1. Cut from a different cloth: Scottsville girl sews masks for ... › news › cut-from-a-different

    4 days ago · Cut from a different cloth: Scottsville girl sews masks for essential workers By AARON MUDD Aaron Mudd ... Threats of harming another person will not be tolerated.

  2. How to Make a T-shirt Bag: 8 Ways to Make a Bag from a Shirt ... › recycled-t-shirt-bags

    6 days ago · This is super simple and involves cutting off the sleeves and neck. I make sure it’s symmetrical by folding the shirt in half and then cutting it in a rounded shape, preserving as much fabric as possible. You want to turn the shirt upside down and see the bottom hem as your drawstring enclosure and the backpack will now have a rounded bottom.

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  3. Sew, sew simple: How to make a basic cotton mask | Stories Of ... › features › our_town

    3 days ago · Cut the fabric the correct size for an adult, teen or child. Photo courtesy Greg Martin. Use two different colors or designs of fabric to distinguish outside and inside of the mask.

  4. Pocket Matching – joyful parenting › 2020/10/19 › pocket-matching

    1 day ago · To start, cut a pocket shape from at least 3 different fabric swatches. (Note: you could also use gift wrap if you don’t have fabric). Arrange them on a piece of poster board and cover with contact paper. Carefully use a craft knife to make a slit at the top of each fabric swatch so that you now have pockets.

  5. Top 15 Best Rotary Cutters to Buy with Reviews in 2020 › best-rotary-cutters

    6 days ago · An essential second useful tool is a sharp blade. If you’ve ever used that blade to cut something harder and scratch it, don’t regret using a new edge. From there, you can cut multiple layers of fabric at once quickly. Step 4: Begin Cutting Your Fabric. And final step, of course, is the fabric cutting.

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  7. Best Sound Absorbing (Acoustic) Fabric for Noise Reduction › best-sound-absorbing

    5 days ago · Acoustic fabrics are used for draping rooms and absorbing noise, or for wrapping absorbent materials and allowing the sound through. Cloth of different weaves and densities interact with sound distinctly, so select a fabric for the purpose you want. Sound Absorbing Fabric. Fabric that will absorb sound frequency waves is thick and porous.

  8. 20 Easy Fabric Flower Tutorials | The Crafty Blog Stalker › how-to-make-20

    6 days ago · Fabric flowers also make a great keepsake because they won’t shrivel and die. It can stay as vibrant and as beautiful as the day you made it! So pull out that box of scrap fabric and get to creating! The possibilities are endless when it comes to color combinations and different fabrics that can be layered together.

  9. Cricut vs Silhouette: Which One Brand is Better in 2020? › cricut-vs-silhouette

    6 days ago · Both Silhouette and Cricut cut materials utilizing blades. The Cricut comes with a knob on the top of the unit to customize appropriately according to the material. To customize the Silhouette blade strength, just twist the blade to a certain number based on the fabric before slicing. Both brands provide separate deep-cutting blades you can buy.

  10. 5 Best Neck Gaiters / Face Shield Masks - American Patriot ... › neck-gaiters

    3 days ago · This is thanks to their utilization of cutting-edge fabric welding technology. It’s both THIN-lightweight and BREATHABLE. The Terra Kuda Neck Gaiter provides UV protection up to UPF 20 (varies slightly based on the model: color/pattern). It’s “one size fits most” with dimensions approximately 18.5 inches x 10 inches.

  11. Hanfu - Wikipedia › wiki › Hanfu

    3 days ago · Manchus originally did not have their own cloth or textiles and the Manchus had to obtain Ming dragon robes and cloth when they paid tribute to the Ming dynasty or traded with the Ming. These Ming robes were modified, cut and tailored to be narrow at the sleeves and waist with slits in the skirt to make it suitable for falconry, horse riding ...

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