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  1. Wicked Attraction - Wikipedia › wiki › Wicked_Attraction

    Wicked Attraction (broadcast in some countries as Couples Who Kill) is an American true-crime documentary television series on Investigation Discovery which began airing in the United States in 2008. The series focuses on how two seemingly ordinary people can come together to commit heinous crimes, thereby forming a "wicked attraction."

  2. The Madness of George III - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Madness_of_George_III

    The Madness of George III is a 1991 play by Alan Bennett.It is a fictionalised biographical study of the latter half of the reign of George III of the United Kingdom, his battle with mental illness, and the inability of his court to handle his condition.

  3. Cranford (Fernsehserie) – Wikipedia › wiki › Cranford_(Fernsehserie)

    Debra Gillett: Mrs. Johnson 1–7 1–2 Maritta Fliege: Dean Lennox Kelly: Job Gregson, Harrys Vater 2–4 1 Lennardt Krüger: Emma Lowndes: Bella Gregson, Harrys Mutter 1–4, 6–7 1–2 Tanja Dohse: Greg Wise: Sir Charles Maulver, Magistrat 1–3, 6–7 1–2 Bernd Stephan: Hannah Hobley: Bertha, Magd von Miss Pole 1, 3, 6–7 1–2 Manuela ...

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