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  1. To decode is to take out of code and put into understandable language. (Its opposite is encode, "to put into coded form".) But dreams may sometimes also be decoded; psychologists often try to decode the images of their patients' dreams so as to understand the emotions behind them.

  2. 17 Episodes about Episodes About the Show Every now and then, a researcher stumbles upon a historical enigma, an unproven rumor, a story with a puzzling outcome. Such encounters are an irresistible...

  3. Transform the digital and data fluency of your leaders. Raise the level of digital and data literacy of everyone across the organisation. Equip apprentices and early career professionals with today's most valuable digital and data skills. Empower data users to master the latest data tools and technologies.

  4. Learn decoding with online courses and programs. Decoding is an essential step in computer programming. Without decoding it wouldn’t be possible to process information that is communicated digitally. Learn decoding with online courses from edX.

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    Decoded | 7,453 followers on LinkedIn. New skills for a new world | We are Decoded. Founded on the belief that technology is for everyone. We are the pioneers of transformative digital learning.

  6. DECODE meaning: 1 : to change (secret messages, documents, etc.) from a set of letters, numbers, symbols, etc., you cannot understand into words you can understand; 2 : to find or understand the true or hidden meaning of (something)

  7. verb (used without object),de·cod·ed, de·cod·ing. to work at decoding. Origin of decode 1 First recorded in 1895–1900; de- + code Words Nearby decode declutch declutter deco decoct decoction decode decoder decoding decoherence decoic acid decoke Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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