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  1. Dereck Joubert: Well, our lives have basically been like a super long episode of "CSI" — something like 28 years. In essence, what we've done is we've studied the science, we've looked at the behavior, we've seen over 2,000 kills by these amazing animals.

  2. Nov 27, 2013 · (Image credit: Beverly and Dereck Joubert / National Geographic) After being kicked out, the young males roam the countryside solo or in small bands, often with their brothers or cousins ...

  3. National Geographic Society | National Geographic Society

  4. Battle at Kruger is an eight-minute amateur wildlife video that depicts a confrontation between a herd of Cape buffalo, a small group of young lions from a pride, and two crocodiles.

  5. Beverly Joubert and her husband Dereck are creative people. Together, they write and make interesting films about animals in Africa. They love to explore different parts of Africa, and the result is 22 films, 10 books, and many articles!

  6. The Academy of Achievement brings young leaders face-to-face with the extraordinary visionaries and pioneers who have helped shape our world.

  7. Xem Phim Những Con Sư Tử Cuối Cùng – The Last Lions 2011 Thuyết minh HD Là đạo diễn phim tài liệu nổi tiếng từng giành được 1 giải thưởng Emmy, Dereck Joubert có khá nhiều tác phẩm để đời, đặc biệt là về thể loại động vật với nhiều cảnh quay đẹp, được đầu tư công phu, […]

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