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  1. Dexter's Laboratory (commonly abbreviated as Dexter's Lab) is an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network.It follows Dexter, a boy-genius and inventor with a hidden laboratory in his room, which he keeps secret from his parents.

  2. Dexter's Laboratory: Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, Chris Savino, John McIntyre, David P. Smith, Seth MacFarlane, Paul Rudish, Butch Hartman, Craig McCracken. With ...

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    Welcome to greatest experiment ever seen, the official Dexter's Laboratory YouTube Channel. Past the vaulted doors lives the smartest boy the world has ever seen, Dexter, boy genius! He's ...

  4. Featured Article. Dexter is the main character and protagonist of Dexter's Laboratory. He is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory. His intelligence makes him the brains of the family and he is one of the world's greatest inventors, having created countless weird and amazing machines and experiments.

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    Dexter's Laboratory was inspired by one of Genndy Tartakovsky's drawings of a ballerina. After drawing her tall and thin shape, he decided to pair her with a short and blocky opposite, Dexter. In 1991, he made his first "Dexter" short. On February 20, 1995, Dexter's Laboratory made its first run on the What a Cartoon! Show. In April 1996, the first season began airing. Directors and writers on the series included Genndy Tartakovsky, Rumen Petkov, Craig McCracken, Seth MacFarlane, Butch Hartman, Rob Renzetti, Paul Rudish, Mark O'Hare, John McIntyre and Chris Savino. Dexter's Laboratory ended its initial run in 1998, with the series finale being the episode "Last But Not Beast," but re-entered production in March 2001. The new episodes, which ran for two more seasons, had a different production team than the originals, since Genndy Tartakovsky was busy working on Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars. The second series featured new character and background designs, alternative storyl...

    The series revolves around a boy genius named Dexter, who has a secret laboratoryfilled with highly advanced equipment hidden behind a bookshelf in his bedroom. Access to this never-ending laboratory is achieved by speaking various passwords or by activating hidden switches on the bookcase (such as pulling out a specific book). Dexter is normally in conflict with his ditzy older sister, Dee Dee, who has an uncanny talent for gaining access to Dexter's lab despite his best efforts to keep her out. Dee Dee eludes all manner of security and, once inside, delights in playing in the lab, often destroying his inventions and creations. For reasons left unexplained, Dexter manages to keep the lab a secret from his clueless, cheerful parents, and in the beginning of the show, Dee Dee is the only other character to know about his lab. In several episodes, however, he is forced to reveal his lab to his parents, although such episodes always end with his parent's memories being wiped. Dexter ha...

    Two short segments ran in between episodes during 21-minute slots called "Dial M for Monkey" and "The Justice Friends". These segments existed within the Dexter's Laboratory universe and main characters from either "show" appeared in actual episodes regularly. The episodes of the first half of Season 1 of the Dexter's Laboratory included the Dial M for Monkey segment in between two of the Dexter's Laboratory episodes. The last half of Season 1 included a Justice Friends segment in between the two Dexter's Laboratory episodes. Monkeyoften appeared in the Justice Friends segments and vice versa, teaming with his fellow superheroes.

    Main Characters

    Dexter- The Main Protagonist of the series. He is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory that he keeps a secret from his parents. He is always working in his laboratory making a new invention and going on wild adventures every time he makes a cereation. Dee Dee- Dexter's high-spirited ditzy older sister who is always breaking into his laboratory and destroying all of his inventions. She is always messing up his inventions and ruining his plans. Dee Dee enjoys doing frilly girly things and s...

    Recurring Characters

    Douglas E. Mordecai III- Dexter's best friend. He is a nerd just like him who shares the same interests as he does. The two of them do nerdy things together. They will also go on adventures and will usually have struggles along the way and will try to get their way out of trouble. Douglas and Dexter are often times getting bullied because they are nerds and sometimes they prove to the bullies that they are really cool. Koosalagoopagoop - Koosalagoopagoop also known as Koosy or Koss is Dee Dee...

    Ego Trip

    1. Main article: Ego Trip Ego Trip is an Annie Award -winning one-hour animated television special spawned from the Cartoon Network animated television series Dexter's Laboratory, produced by Hanna-Barbera(now Cartoon Network Studios) for Cartoon Network, and aired in 1999.

    Music videos

    see also|GrooviesFour music videos were made in 2002 and had occasional airings between shows on Cartoon Network. One was a mock-anime video sung by They Might Be Giants called Dee Dee and Dexter. The other three were rap songs which were released on a compilation album: 1. Back to the Lab(by Prince Paul) A pop art video highlighting the walkway sequence of a stern Dexter, marching presumably back to his lab. The video consisted of various clips and animation derived from the series' later se...

    Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip Hop Experiment

    Infobox Album | Name = Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip Hop Experiment| Type = Compilation album| Artist = Various artists| Cover = Dexterslabhiphopexperiment.jpg| Released = August 20 2002| Recorded = | Genre = Hip hop music|Hip hop| Length = | Label = Cartoon Network| Producer = | Reviews = | Last album = | This album = | Next album = Dexter's Laboratory: The Hip Hop Experiment, a complintation album featuring songs by various hip hop artists inspired by the series, was released on August 20, 2...

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    Dexter's Laboratory (48) Ant Pants. Comedy of Feathers. Poetic Injustice. They Got Chops. Garage Sale. Chicken Scratch. The Lab of Tomorrow. Dexter’s Wacky Races ...

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  3. 1996 Sleep tight, America! Your fate lies safely in the hands of Dexter, a child genius

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