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  1. Marcus Didius Julianus ( / ˈdɪdiəs /; 29 January 133 – 2 June 193) [4] was Roman emperor from March to June 193, during the Year of the Five Emperors. Julianus had a promising political career, governing several provinces, including Dalmatia and Germania Inferior, and defeated the Chauci and Chatti, two invading Germanic tribes.

  2. Feb 6, 2024 · Marcus Didius Severus Julianus (born 133—died June 2, 193) wealthy Roman senator who became emperor (March 28–June 1, 193) by being the highest bidder in an auction for the support of the Praetorian Guard. A member of one of the most prominent families of Mediolanum (now Milan), Didius Severus Julianus had a long and distinguished public career.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  3. Sep 23, 2013 · Didius Julianus was Roman emperor from March to June 193 CE. On March 28, 193 CE Roman Emperor Pertinax was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard, and like his predecessor Commodus, he left no apparent successor. Two possible claimants presented themselves to the Guard.

    • Donald L. Wasson
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  5. Jun 28, 2022 · The early life of Didius Julianus was the life of a man of high birth and imperial favor. His father was Petronius Didius Severus, patriarch of the illustrious Petronii family who came from Milan. His mother was Aemillia Clara, who could trace her lineage back to the famous Roman jurist Salvius Julianus Aemillianus.

  6. Aug 11, 2021 · The sellers were the ones who had slain their previous emperor, and the would-be buyers were Sulpicianus and Didius Julianus, who vied to outbid each other….They gradually raised their bids up to 20,000 sestertii for each soldier. Some of the soldiers would carry word to Julianus, “Sulpicianus offers so much; how much more do you make it?”

  7. Marcus Didius Severus Julianus was born as the son of Quintus Petronius Didius Julianus and Aemilia Clara. They were living in northern Italy, in Milan, an important center of trade and learning with the status of colonia.

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