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  1. A don is also a Spanish nobleman and a dean of a college at Oxford or Cambridge, but these meanings come from the Latin dominus meaning "master." Definitions of don noun teacher at a university or college (especially at Cambridge or Oxford) synonyms: preceptor see more noun the head of an organized crime family synonyms: father see more verb

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    Don (given name), a short form of the masculine given name Donald in Scots and English; George Don, Scottish botanist (1798–1856), abbreviated as G.Don; Art and entertainment Fictional entities. Don (character), the main character of the Don franchise, a gangster; Don Wada, one of the main protagonists of the Taiko no Tatsujin series

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    Oct 20, 2006 · A man who lives life on the edge, Don is constantly expanding the size of his empire while evading arrest or death at the hands of his enemies, both within and outside the law. He is unstoppable in his pursuit of absolute power. His chief pursuer is an Indian police officer, Desilva.

  5. Don is prefixed either to the full name or to the person's given name. The form "Don Lastname" for crime bosses (as in Don Corleone ) is an American custom. In Southern Italy, mafia bosses are addressed as "Don Firstname" by other mafiosi and sometimes their victims as well, while the press usually refers to them as "Firstname Lastname", without the honorific.

  6. Jul 12, 2011 · A Don is someone who has an important presence in someone's life. A Don is also a brilliant, genius, and adorable young man who has a groupie. The groupie makes him birthday cards and comment about him on social networking sites. They also replace movie titles with his name. The Don enjoys the attention, of course.

  7. don (noun) don (verb) Don (proper noun) don't; don't (noun) Don Juan (noun) Rostov–on–Don (proper noun) ask (verb) broke (adjective) damn (verb) dare (verb) devil (noun) do (verb) fix (verb) know (verb) laugh (verb) look (verb) mention (verb) right (noun) say (verb) tell (verb) think (verb) wish (verb) wrong (noun)

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