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  1. doorway noun door· way ˈdȯr-ˌwā Synonyms of doorway 1 : the opening that a door closes especially : an entrance into a building or room 2 : door sense 3 Synonyms access accession admission admittance door entrance entrée entree entry gateway ingress key passport ticket See all Synonyms & Antonyms in Thesaurus Example Sentences

  2. noun Definition of doorway 1 as in door the means or right of entering or participating in the doorway to a life of luxury and leisure Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance door entrance access entry gateway accession key admission passport admittance ticket ingress entrée entree approval permission certification qualification open door authorization

  3. Dec 23, 2021 · To frame a doorway, start by measuring the width of your door and adding 5 inches to accommodate the king studs, which will go on either side of the frame. Then, add 2 inches to the length of your door to account for the flooring and door jams. Next, assemble the header and attach it to the king studs, along with the wall plates.

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    This threshold is approved by the ADA and is great for doorways which need wheelchair access. It is UL-fire rated to be compatible with fire rated doors. This feature reduces the spread of fire and smoke between rooms. To seal your doorway, this product should be used with a door sweep or an under door seal.

  6. Sep 30, 2022 · Standard door width for interiors is 32 inches. This is the minimum width required for a passage door. You may also find a few narrower doors in stock, including 30 inches, 28 inches, and 24 ...

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