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  1. Douluo Continent ( Chinese: 斗罗大陆; pinyin: Dòu Luō Dà Lù) is a 2021 Chinese television series based on a fantasy novel of the same name by Tang Jia San Shao, starring Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuanyi. [2] [3] It premiered on Tencent Video, CCTV and WeTV on February 5.

    • Soul Land, Soul Continent
    • Tang Jia San Shao, Wang Juan
  2. Feb 05, 2021 · Douluo Continent: With Zhan Xiao, Xuanyi Wu, Calvin Chen, Taiyu Gao. Having lost his mother at a very young age, Tang San grew up relying on his father just as much as his father relied upon him.

    • (2.2K)
    • 2021-02-05
    • Action, Fantasy, Horror
    • Zhan Xiao, Xuanyi Wu, Calvin Chen
  3. Douluo Continent. Season 1. (91) 2021 X-Ray 13+. It tells the story of Tang San who overcomes many difficulties to protect his loved ones, bring honor to his sect, help his country and become the strongest and bravest soul master. Having lost his mother, Tang San and his father depended on each other to survive.

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  5. Feb 05, 2021 · Douluo Continent has a wonderful mix of good-natured, determined, and funny characters. The “7 Devils” (main group) all experienced personal growth and development. It was a rough start for them at first because each one of them had different personalities and backgrounds, but their team chemistry gradually solidified throughout the drama.

    • (6.9K)
    • China
    • 13+
    • Yang Zhen Yu
  6. As their power and connection grow, Gu Xiao Wu realizes they need more guidance than he can provide. Sending the pair to the Shrek Academy, Tang San and Xiao Wu join five other prodigies from various academies, in their journey of cultivation. Strong in their power, the seven students become known throughout the land as the “Shrek Seven ...

    • (29.6K)
    • Xiao Zhan
  7. The Douluo Continent is one of the three continents that humanity was born on, on the Douluo Planet. The other ones being the Sun Moon Continent and the Star Luo Continent. It is the largest out of the present three continents. Before the events of SL2, the Sun Moon Continent collided onto the Douluo Continent, linking the two continents. It was the home of many kingdoms and empires as well as ...

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