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    Dec 22, 2017 · Directed by Alexander Payne. With Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, Kristen Wiig. A social satire in which a man realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself to five inches tall, allowing him to live in wealth and splendor.

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    Downsizing is a 2017 American science fiction-drama film directed by Alexander Payne, written by Payne and Jim Taylor, and starring Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, and Kristen Wiig. It tells the story of Paul and Audrey Safranek, a couple who decide to undertake a newly invented procedure to shrink their bodies so they can start a new ...

    • Rolfe Kent
    • August 30, 2017 (Venice), December 22, 2017 (United States)
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  3. How to Downsize Your Home | Zillow

    Downsizing is most common in the demographic known as empty nesters — people who are still living in the home where they raised their kids, but whose kids are grown. With no need for big yards, multiple bedrooms and proximity to schools, these homeowners often transition to a home that better reflects what they want out of the next phase of life.

  4. How to Downsize Your Stuff Without Losing Your Mind | realtor ...
    • Consider your new space. Whether you're downsizing or upgrading your square footage, you need keep in mind what will and won't fit in your new pad as you debate how to downsize all that stuff—and we're talking style as well as size.
    • Downsizing the junk. No one will be surprised if future scientists discover that every closet hides a secret wormhole to another dimension. Somehow, it absorbs all your secret junk—and still has enough room for more and more stuff to be thrown in it.
    • Ditch old kids' clothes. Go through your children's closets with the same discerning eye. In fact—because kids grow so darn-tootin' fast—take an even more critical look.
    • How to downsize your electronics. We all have a few skeletons in the closet. For most of us, those skeletons are broken electronics. Whether they're old laptops, cracked cellphones, or numerous micro-USB chargers, those suckers need to head to the slaughterhouse.
  5. Sep 03, 2020 · wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 30 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

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    • 1. Assess your actual needs. Someday, you may take up exercising, but the treadmill/Stairmaster/Bowflex has been gathering dust for some time. Woul...
    • 2. Go through your home, every cabinet, shelf and closet should be cleared. Only put back the things you couldn't live well without. That means tha...
    • 3. Measure your furniture. You will need to know how your furniture will (or won’t) fit into your new space - particularly large items such as your...
    • 4. Assess your new storage areas. How many times have you moved into a new place only to realize - too late - that you have overestimated the amoun...
    • 5. Ransack your old storage areas. Go through your storage areas first (attics, basements, closets, etc). You will be surprised to find out what yo...
    • 6. Sell your stuff. If you’re in need of a pre-move windfall, try these: For a large number of items, have a yard sale (or a series of yard sales),...
    • 7. Get organized. Before you move into your new place, it’s a good time to work out some storage solutions for your stored items. You can do this a...
    • 8. Move large items first. Move your furniture into your new home first. You will have the most energy for this task at the beginning of the move a...
    • 9. Put away storage items. Contained items that are meant for storage can be placed directly in their allotted spaces where they will be out of the...
    • 10. Organize boxed items. Your labeled boxes can now be put into their respective rooms and the unpacking can begin. Begin with the bathroom, as th...
  6. How to Downsize Your Home [Free Checklist] - Life Storage Blog
    • Make the biggest decisions first. The best way to downsize is to go room by room, making the big decisions first and then the small ones. The following questions should help.
    • Create stations for giveaway items, donations, items for resale and trash. It makes sense to know where you’re moving before you start a full pack job.
    • Start in little-used nooks and storage spaces. When downsizing, you can find some easy wins in those holes and crannies you rarely enter, or that tend to accumulate junk.
    • Downsize your furniture collection next. Obviously you’ll need furniture in your new home. The question is: What furniture will fit in your new, smaller home?
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  8. Advantages and Disadvantages of Downsizing Your Home

    Mar 09, 2020 · Potential Disadvantages of Downsizing . Fewer belongings: Moving to a smaller home would probably result in selling, giving away, or throwing out furniture, books, and kitchen supplies. You'd have to sort through and empty out the garage, basement, and attic. Some people form emotional attachments to stuff and can't part with any of it.

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