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  1. Drones, Clones and Pheromones - IMDb › title › tt1542629

    A devastating war for supremacy between human clones and breeding humans seems unavoidable, and the clones have the mental and physical advantage.

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    Drones, Clones and Pheromones cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

  3. Drones, Clones and Pheromones - Plot Summary - IMDb › title › tt1542629

    Clones use powerful, synthetic pheromones to make drones of politicians, lawyers and cops for protection, but Felix makes them in his own body to attract and control people. He is smart, big hearted and playful.

  4. Drones, Clones and Pheromones - (2011) - Film - › filme › drones-clones-and

    Distributie Drones, Clones and Pheromones. Jeremy Sumpter Jason. Lauren Storm Aurora. Nichelle Nichols Senator Dobson. Justin Whalin Tyler. Tabitha Morella Cheerleader Peggy. Matthew Fahey Cornerback Jack. Brennan Hillard Wide Receiver Randy. Jeremy Licht Liberal Senator.

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    Barnes highlighted Eye in the Sky (2015) as an example of "one of the first drone movies to work in the grey areas" of drone warfare. Jason Bourque wrote in The New York Times of Good Kill and Eye in the Sky , "Those films examined the moral struggles of military personnel as they conduct missions with clinical precision while far removed from ...

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  7. Tom Cruise in 'Oblivion': Drones and Clones on Planet Earth ... › 2013/04/19 › tom-cruise-in

    Apr 19, 2013 · Oblivion. : Drones and Clones on Planet Earth. Earth, 2077. Sixty years earlier, alien invaders had blown up our moon, and an intergalactic battle ensued. “We won the war but lost the planet,” says Jack Harper ( Tom Cruise ), a kind of grease-monkey pilot whose job is to repair the drones that monitor desolate Earth while the rest of ...

  8. 5 Hollywood Films That Featured Drones - 3D Insider › drone-hollywood-films
    • 1984 – Runaway
    • 2005 – Stealth
    • 2008 – Babylon Ad
    • 2017 – Spider-Man: Far from Home
    • 2020 – Bad Boys For Life
    • Final Thoughts

    In this film directed by Michael Crichton and starring Tom Selleck, we are given a glimpse of a future where autonomous robots have become as common as any electric device. The problem is that these robots have a mind of their own and can run away. Tom Selleck plays a veteran police officer who hunts down these runaways under a special unit of the police force. Similarities to the plot of Blade Runner aside, Runaway features one of the first few depictions in a major Hollywood movie. It didn’t just have flying drones – it also had a drone on wheels that could hold a gun, as well as a spider-like drone that could jump around and latch onto people. Drones were used by both the good and the bad guys as a means of air support and surveillance. Nowadays, many police departments all over the world have started using drones. It is an excellent way to provide surveillance in the field without having to expose police officers to unnecessary risk. Limitations in radio communications still lim...

    This star-studded action film by Rob Cohen is probably the most egregious use of drone technologycombined with AI. The main premise of the film is centered on a fighter-bomber jet that has been augmented with artificial intelligence – called the EDI – allowing it to carry out missions without a human pilot inside. The problem comes up when the EDI gets hit by lightning, thus getting reprogrammed and refusing to follow orders. The AI also starts learning and developing its own code of ethics, which will prove to be a challenge to the team of three fighter pilots assigned to take it down. Stealth did for drone technology what Jaws did for sharks. The movie tapped into this newfound fear of technology getting out of control and developing its own consciousness. Of course, human skill and courage still win over technology at the end of the movie. Nowadays, we are still very far away from developing true AI that can make decisions independently. In the field of drones, there have been lo...

    In another film set in a dystopian future, a smuggler is tasked with escorting a mysterious girl from Europe to New York for reasons unknown even to them. Along the way, they are hunted by mercenaries using an array of weapons – from submarines to guided missiles and, you guessed it, drones. The drone scene happens just as our group of protagonists crosses the border of Alaska along snowmobiles. They are attacked by several fixed-wing drones that can keep up with them in terms of speed. The drones are equipped with both missiles and guns, making them fairly dangerous even against our hardened smuggler. Drones that have a payload of heavy weapons aren’t exactly restricted to fiction – military units around the world have been doing drone strikes for years. All this military activity has not helped the reputation of drones. For several years, people only knew drones as weapons for military surveillance and warfare. It would be remiss for us to not recognize that this early reputation...

    This blockbuster summer movie from Marvel Studios featured our favorite webcrawler coming up against a disgruntled special-effects expert. Through a system of holograms, illusions, and bit actors, Mysterio is able to outsmart our hero – up until the very end, of course. During the climax, we see the villain of the movie use a fleet of drones equipped with light projectors to create a giant hologram over Venice. There were probably hundreds of these drones during the last few scenes that were all being conveniently controlled by Mysterio using the EDITH AI system. The drones featured in this film are a lot more powerful and versatile than the ones we see in real life. Not only can the drones carry light projectors, but they also had combat capabilities that were a threat even to a superpowered hero. Being able to control a fleet of a hundred drones is no longer impossible nowadays, and it doesn’t even need sophisticated AI. Drone light shows have been a mainstay for major crowd-drawi...

    In the most recent iteration of this franchise, our titular “Bad Boys” are aided by a new division of the Miami police force, the Advanced Miami Metro Operations (AMMO). Instead of going in guns blazing, this new division relied on technology and data to approach situations with a bit more subtlety and intelligence. A great demonstration of this new ability was when AMMO had to stake out a drug deal. Instead of sending out people to the scene, they sent out a drone – a Mavic Pro, in this case. Through the drone’s live video feed, the team at the surveillance van was able to see how the deal went down all without the perps noticing. Although drones are actually used by surveillance in real life, it would be impossible to fly so close to people without having them notice that there was a drone there. This is because drones are very loud. Still, we appreciate the accuracy of representing the thermal imaging capabilities of the Mavic line. A separate scene featured an armed Matrice 210...

    While it’s fun seeing drones in movies, it can get a little bit tiring seeing them used as weapons. In most cases, they are basically stand-ins for the usual henchmen or mercenaries. Some movies also tend to go over the top in how they depict drones, although we can chalk that up to the creative liberties of the filmmakers. It’s nice to see actual drone models showcased in the 2020 movie Bad Boys for Life, although how they were used was still far from being realistic. Perhaps the reality of drone technology is far too boring for Hollywood movies. It would be our dream to see drones used in movies in a more positive light and not as tools usually used by the bad guys. We realize that it might be a bit of a stretch, but we always say that reality is stranger than fiction. If it were up to you, how would you shoehorn drone technology into a major Hollywood movie?

  9. Prime Bees: Drone Pheromone › 2018/04/25 › drone-pheromone

    Apr 25, 2018 · Drone Pheromone. Spring is the height of mating season for bees. A healthy hive emerges from the cold winter, builds up their population and has the drive to swarm and reproduce the colony. During this time, drone populations are high. A drone is a male bee that is produced from an unfertilized egg. The main, and arguably only, purpose of the ...

  10. Drones Are Revolutionizing the Way Film and TV Is Made | Time › 5295594 › drones-hollywood-artists

    May 31, 2018 · Tony Carmean, a founding partner of drone cinematography company Aerial MOB, estimates that a helicopter can cost a filmmaker from $20,000 to $40,000 for a 10-hour day shoot. Aerial MOB can supply ...

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