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  1. Electronic dance music - Wikipedia

    9 hours ago · In the late 1960s bands such as Silver Apples created electronic music intended for dancing. Other early examples of music that influenced later electronic dance music include Jamaican dub music during the late 1960s to 1970s, the synthesizer-based disco music of Italian producer Giorgio Moroder in the late 1970s, and the electro-pop of Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra in the mid-to-late ...

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  3. Dub Taylor - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Walter Clarence Taylor, Jr. (February 26, 1907 – October 3, 1994), known professionally as Dub Taylor, was an American character actor who from the 1940s into the 1990s worked extensively in films and on television, often in Westerns, but also in comedies.

  4. Dragon Ball Super - Wikipedia

    9 hours ago · Dragon Ball Super (Japanese: ドラゴンボール 超 ( スーパー ), Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Sūpā) is a Japanese manga series and anime television series. The series is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball manga, with its overall plot outline written by creator Akira Toriyama.

  5. 東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ - Wikipedia東京スカパラダイス...

    9 hours ago · no music, no life. songs: rzcd-46471 rzcd-46473 ska cruise 〜no dub, no life.〜 2010年6月9日: つるの剛士『夏のわすれもの feat.東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ/love letter』 pcca-03184 pcca-70284 1.夏のわすれもの feat.東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ 2011年 1月24日

  6. Post-disco - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · DJ Larry Levan implemented elements of dub music in his productions and mixes for various post-disco artists, including his own group The Peech Boys. Musically, there was a search for out-of-mainstream music to derive new ideas from, most commonly blues, and other styles like reggae and so on, were also incorporated.

  7. Love Live! - Wikipedia!

    1 day ago · MVM Entertainment released the first season in the United Kingdom on July 27, 2015 on DVD, with plans to release it on Blu-ray Disc in 2016 with an English dub. MVM Entertainment also released the second season in 2016. Madman Entertainment released the first season in Australia and New Zealand on June 10, 2015 on DVD.

  8. Drop (music) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · A drop or beat drop in music, made popular by electronic dance music (EDM) styles, is a point in a music track where a sudden change of rhythm or bass line occurs, which is preceded by a build-up section and break.

  9. SUGIZO - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · sugizo compiles global music i: think of cosmo(後に「cosmoscape」と改題、リメイクされる) hana-bira(sugizo feat. aya名義) docr-7001 sugizoがナビゲートを担当したj-waveの番組global music meetingの企画によるコンピレーションアルバム。 2009/12/9 gundam unplugged 〜アコギ de ガンダム a.c ...

  10. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (season 1) - Wikipedia's_Bizarre_Adventure...

    1 day ago · Music The first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure uses three pieces of theme music, two opening themes and one ending theme. The first opening theme is the song " JoJo (Sono Chi no Sadame) " ( ジョジョ~その血の運命~ , "JoJo ~That Blood's Destiny~") performed by Hiroaki "Tommy" Tominaga, vocalist of Japanese " brass rock " band ...

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