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    Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Herzog von Bayern [1] (born 14 July 1933, as Franz Bonaventura Adalbert Maria Prinz [2] von Bayern), styled as His Royal Highness The Duke of Bavaria, is head of the Wittelsbach family, the former ruling family of the Kingdom of Bavaria.

  2. Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Wilhelm V, Duke of Bavaria ...,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Oct 10, 2013 · Son of Duke Albrecht V. Born at Munich, 29 September, 1548; died at Schlessheim, 7 February, 1626. He studied in 1563 at the University of Ingolstadt, but left on account of an outbreak of the pest. Nevertheless, he continued his studies elsewhere until 1568, and retained throughout life a keen interest in learning and art.

  3. Henry X, Duke of Bavaria | Article about Henry X, Duke of ...,+Duke...

    Looking for Henry X, Duke of Bavaria? Find out information about Henry X, Duke of Bavaria. c.1108–1139, duke of Bavaria and of Saxony . A member of the Guelph Guelph , city , S Ont., Canada, on the Speed River. It is an industrial and agricultural... Explanation of Henry X, Duke of Bavaria

  4. Duke of Bavaria | European Royal History

    Posts about Duke of Bavaria written by liamfoley63. We’ve now reached the point in our survey of German History and the origins of the Holy Roman Empire that motivated me to do this history to begin with.

  5. List of rulers of Bavaria - Academic Dictionaries and ...

    Agilolfing dynasty, 548–788 Agilolfing dynasty Around 548 the kings of the Franks placed the border region of Bavaria under the administration of a duke — possibly Frankish or possibly chosen from amongst the local leading families — who was supposed to act as a regional governor for the Frankish king.

  6. Garibald I, Duke of Bavaria b. Between 525 and 530 Bavaria ...

    “GARIBALD (-[591]). GARIBALD I Duke of Bavaria. The Salzburg Annals record that "Gerbaldus Bawariæ regnum accepit" in 598, although this is inconsistent with the dates attributed in other sources to duke Tassilo I (see below).

  7. The Mad Monarchist: My Thanks to the Duke of Bavaria

    I mean that sincerely. I wish a thousand appreciations to HRH Duke Franz of Bavaria. Why, you may ask? Because with the recent focus on Spain, the abdication of King Juan Carlos and the installation of His Majesty King Felipe VI the neo-Carlist republicans have been coming out of the wood work in the last few days doing their best to help bring about a Third Spanish Republic.

  8. Duke of Bavaria 2012 report • Chest of Colors

    Duke of Bavaria 2012 (Herzog von Bayern) was an excellent miniature painting contest and exhibition held in Ingolstadt, Germany. Read the report written by to learn more about miniature painting events in the land of Audi and beer.

  9. Theodon I, Duke of Bavaria Bavaria, Germany d. 672: Lowell ...

    Jan 15, 2020 · Theodon I, Duke of Bavaria Bavaria, Germany d. 672: Lowell and Block Genealogy and Social History

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    When, in 1442, Duke Albrecht, surnamed for this act "the Pious," banished them from forty towns and villages of Upper Bavaria, they found refuge in Lower Bavaria under Henry of Landshut, who, with his well-known reputation for accepting gifts from all sides, welcomed the Jews and their not inconsiderable contributions: indeed, he is said to ...

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