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  1. Bring the ultimate bar to your backyard

    Sep 16, 2020 · German media says the woman, who works in a Bavaria town, ignored instructions to quarantine until her COVID-19 test results were ready last week.

  2. US Suffers Most New COVID-19 Cases In 5 Weeks As Doctors Warn ...

    1 day ago · “This is beyond our wildest nightmares,” said Gavin Yamey, a physician who directs Duke University’s Center for Policy Impact in Global Health. “It has been a debacle, a national catastrophe and, in many ways, you could consider it a third wave. The third wave is a university reopening wave. It was a self-inflicted national wound.”

  3. This day in Churchill history | A Blog on Winston Churchill

    5 days ago · On September 18, 1932 Winston Churchill remained at the Dr. Hromada sanatorium on Josefstrasse in Salzburg, Austria recovering from an illness. He had left England for the continent, accompanied by his wife Clementine and one of his daughters, on August 27 for a holiday that would include visits to the battlefields of the Duke of…

  4. How To Celebrate Oktoberfest | THE NIBBLE Blog - Adventures ...

    3 days ago · In 1553, Bavarian Duke Albrecht V decreed it illegal to brew beer in Bavaria between April 23rd and September 24th. These months are typically too warm for brewing, and doing so risks bacterial growth that spoils beer. Thus, brewers ramped up production in March to have enough supply for the next five months.

  5. List of German monarchs - The Royal Forums

    6 days ago · Louis the Younger (Ludwig III. der Jüngere) 28 August 876 — 20 January 882 Son of Louis the German; ruled in East Francia, Saxony; from 880, also Bavaria. Charles the Fat (Karl III. der Dicke) 28 August 876 12 February 881 - 11 November 887 Son of Louis the German; ruled in Alemannia, Raetia, from 882 in the entire Eastern Kingdom; from 879 ...

  6. The Eastern Garrison: Working on rebasing the Thebans

    6 days ago · I have quite a few different Thebans, but intend using G17, the Theban hoplite with the archaic shield. I have two 48 figure units of these - one I painted, one I got from Harry but (until now) never got round to rebasing!

  7. The killing of Jochen Peiper – PHOSPHORUS

    4 days ago · His remains were interred in the Peiper family plot in Landsberg, Bavaria. His name was later scrubbed out, but his supporters sent mail to local dignitaries threatening reprisals, forcing them to cancel the annual village fete that year.. Peiper on the cover of a 1982 issue of the Waffen-SS old comrades magazine.