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  1. Henry V, Duke of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Bavaria

    Henry (died 1026), of the House of Ardenne-Luxembourg, was the count of Luxembourg (as Henry I) from 998 and the duke of Bavaria (as Henry V) from 1004.He was the son of Siegfried I of Luxembourg and Hedwige of Nordgau.

    • Otto (1196–1197)
    • Ermesinde (1197–1247), with, Theobald (1197–1214), and then, Waleran (1214–1226)
  2. 维特尔斯巴赫王朝 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书维特尔斯巴赫王朝

    1253年, 路德維希一世 ( 英语 : Louis I, Duke of Bavaria ) 的独子鄂圖二世去世,他的儿子们将其领地一分为二:长子路德维希得到上巴伐利亚和莱茵-普法尔茨,史称路德维希二世;次子海因里希得到下巴伐利亚,史称 海因里希十三世 ( 英语 : Henry XIII, Duke of ...

  3. September 18….These dates in History. | European Royal History

    1 day ago · In 1364, Marie married Robert I, Duke of Bar. 1424 – birth of Eleanor of Portugal (September 18, 1434 – September 3,1467) was Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. A Portuguese infanta (princess), daughter of King Edward of Portugal and his wife Eleanor of Aragon, she was the consort of Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich III and the mother of Holy ...

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    The Spanish Cortes, who had been so continually hampering and criticising Wellington, now created him Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo. He was also, in England, advanced to the dignity of an earl, and an annuity of two thousand pounds was voted him by Parliament.

  5. The killing of Jochen Peiper – PHOSPHORUS

    Today · His remains were interred in the Peiper family plot in Landsberg, Bavaria. His name was later scrubbed out, but his supporters sent mail to local dignitaries threatening reprisals, forcing them to cancel the annual village fete that year.. Peiper on the cover of a 1982 issue of the Waffen-SS old comrades magazine.

  6. CHAPTER XXII. OF PROSCRIPTION. In view of these principles it will appear strange (to anyone who does not reflect, that reason has, so to speak, never yet legislated for a nation), that it is just the most atrocious crimes or the most secret and chimerical ones—that is, those of the least probability—which are proved by conjectures or by the weakest and most equivocal proofs: as if it were ...