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  1. Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria (Spanish: Fernando de Aragón, Duque de Calabria) (15 December 1488 – 20 October 1550) was a Neapolitan prince who played a significant role in the Mediterranean politics of the Crown of Aragon in the early 16th century.

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    Duke of Calabria was the traditional title of the heir apparent of the Kingdom of Naples after the accession of Robert of Naples. It was also adopted by the heads of certain Houses that had once claimed the Kingdom of Naples in lieu of the royal title. There are at present two claimants to the title of Duke of Calabria. In the Spanish context, it is the title for the head of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, and in the Italian context it is the title for the heir to the Duke of Castro, the head

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    Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria (Spanish: Pedro Juan María Alejo Saturnino y de Todos los Santos; born 16 October 1968), is the only son of Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria (1938–2015) and his wife, Princess Anne of Orléans.

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    Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria (Spanish: Fernando de Aragón, Duque de Calabria) (15 December 1488 – 20 October 1550) was a Neapolitan prince who played a significant role in the Mediterranean politics of the Crown of Aragon in the early 16th century.

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    Philip of Naples and Sicily, "Duke of Calabria", Infante of Spain was the eldest son and heir-apparent of Charles III of Spain, but was excluded from the succession to the thrones of Spain and Naples due to his imbecility. His younger brothers, Charles IV of Spain and Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies replaced him in the succession. When his father became King of Spain in 1759, Philip remained in Naples where he lived until his death from smallpox at the age of thirty. Infante Philip Duke of Calab

    Born at the Reggia di Portici in the Kingdom of Naples, he was the sixth child and eldest son of Charles VII and V, then King of Naples and Sicily, and his wife Maria Amalia of Saxony. His birth was a joyful event since his parents previously had five princesses, three of whom had died in childhood. The Prince was baptized Filippo Antonio Gennaro Pasquale Francesco de Paula. His grandfather, King Philip V of Spain, in whose honor he was named, had died on 9 July 1746. The child's godparents were

    The death of his half-uncle, King Ferdinand VI of Spain, on August 10, 1759, forced the parents to confront the status of their son. Since Charles III was to depart to Spain to take possession of the Spanish crown, he had to abdicate the thrones of Naples and Sicily in favour of a son. A committee of high officials magistrates and six physicians examined the mental state of the Prince, who was twelve years old at the time, to determine his capacity to reign. The Prince was kept under close obser

    According to Hamilton, he "was treated with certain distinctions, having chamberlains placed about him in constant attendance, who watched him with unremitting attention; as otherwise he would have committed a thousand excesses. Care was particularly taken to keep him from having any connection with the other sex, for which he manifested the strongest propensity; but it became at last impossible to prevent him altogether from attempting to emancipate himself in this respect. He has many times el

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    Andrew, Duke of Calabria was the first husband of Joanna I of Naples, and a son of Charles I of Hungary and brother of Louis I of Hungary. Andrew Duke of Calabria Andrew's coat of arms Born30 October 1327 Died18 September 1345 SpouseJoanna I of Naples IssueCharles Martel, Duke of Calabria HouseAnjou-Hungary FatherCharles I of Hungary MotherElizabeth of Poland ReligionCatholicism

    Andrew was the second of three surviving sons of King Charles I of Hungary and his third wife, Elizabeth of Poland. He was betrothed in 1334 to his cousin Joanna, granddaughter and heiress apparent of King Robert of Naples; Andrew's father was a fraternal nephew of King Robert, making Andrew and Joanna both members of the Capetian House of Anjou.

    With the approval of Pope Clement VI, Joanna was crowned sole monarch of Naples in August 1344. Fearing for his life, Andrew wrote to his mother Elizabeth that he would soon flee the kingdom. She intervened, and made a state visit, before she returned to Hungary allegedly bribing Pope Clement to reverse himself and permit the coronation of Andrew. She also gave a ring to Andrew, which was supposed to protect him from death by blade or poison, and returned with a false sense of security to Hungar

    Hearing of the Pope's reversal, a group of noble conspirators determined to forestall Andrew's coronation. During a hunting trip at Aversa, Andrew left his room in the middle of the night and was set upon by the conspirators. A treacherous servant barred the door behind him, and, as Joanna cowered in their bed, a terrible struggle ensued, Andrew defending himself furiously and shrieking for aid. He was finally overpowered, strangled with a cord, and flung from a window. Isolde, Andrew's Hungaria

  7. Charles of Anjou, duke of Calabria (1298 - 1328) - Genealogy › people › Charles-of-Anjou-duke-of

    Charles, Duke of Calabria (1298 – November 9, 1328) was the son of King Robert of Naples and Yolanda of Aragon.

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    Carlos Maria Alfonso Marcelo de Borbón-Dos Sicilias y de Borbón-Parma, Infante of Spain, Duke of Calabria (16 January 1938 – 5 October 2015) was, at his death, the last infante of Spain during the reigns of his cousins King Juan Carlos I and King Felipe VI.

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    Charles, Duke of Calabria (1298 – 9 November 1328) was the son of King Robert of Naples and Yolanda of Aragon. Charles was born in Naples in 1298, during the reign of his paternal grandfather King Charles II, the second king of the angevin dynasty that ruled Naples since 1266.

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    Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria Quotes in The Duchess of Malfi The The Duchess of Malfi quotes below are all either spoken by Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria or refer to Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one:).

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    Jun 22, 2016 · The Duke of Calabria and family meet the Pope At the Vatican on June 9, the TRH Duke and Duchess of Calabria with their seven children, and the Duke's widowed mother, HRH Princess Anne, Dowager Duchess of Calabria, met with Pope Francis.

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