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  1. Partitions of the Duchy of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · The Duchy of Pomerania was partitioned several times to satisfy the claims of the male members of the ruling House of Pomerania dynasty. The partitions were named after the ducal residences: Pomerania-Barth, -Demmin, -Rügenwalde, -Stettin, -Stolp, and -Wolgast.

  2. Thirty Years' War - Wikipedia'_War

    1 day ago · It treats a couple whose marriage is interrupted by the bubonic plague, and other complications of Thirty Years' War. G. A. Henty, The Lion of the North: The Adventures of a Scottish Lad during the Thirty Years' War (2 vol., 1997 reprint). It is available under a number of subtitle variants, including a comic strip.

  3. 神聖羅馬皇后 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书神聖羅馬皇后

    1 day ago · 波美拉尼亞的伊麗莎白 ( 英语 : Elizabeth of Pomerania ) 波美拉尼亞公爵 ( 英语 : Dukes of Pomerania ) 博吉斯拉夫五世 1347年 1363年5月21日 1368年11月1日 加冕: 1378年11月29日 丈夫去世: 1393年2月14日 采列的巴巴拉 ( 英语 : Barbara of Cilli )

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