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  1. First day for counties to mail ballots to voters (and first day of in-person early voting) July 22, 2022. Last day to sign up for the AEVL or request a one-time ballot-by-mail. July 26, 2022. Recommended deadline to mail back your ballot. August 2, 2022. Election Day All ballots must be received by 7:00 p.m.

  2. A.R.S. §§ 16-246 (C); 16-542 (A). When voting early in-person, the voter must cast the ballot issued at the voting location and may not remove that ballot from the location. An early ballot must be issued even if the voter previously requested or received a ballot-by-mail, but only the first ballot received and verified by the County Recorder ...

  3. Early voting begins and early ballots mailed to voters on the Active Early Voting List or those who have requested a one-time ballot-by-mail: July 19, 2024: Deadline for accepting requests for a ballot-by-mail for July 30, 2024 Primary Election: July 26, 2024: Deadline to Vote Early In-Person for the July 30, 2024 Primary Election by 7:00 p.m ...

    • How Do I Vote by Mail?
    • What If I'm Out of Town?
    • Can I Get Off The Vote-By-Mail List?
    • Where Can I Drop Off My Mailed Ballot?
    • If I Get A Mailed Ballot, Can I Still Vote in person?
    • If I Vote Early in person, Do I Need Identification?
    • Where Are The Early In-Person Voting sites?
    • Can I Track My Ballot?
    • What Deadlines Should I Be Aware of?

    Once you receive your ballot, you'll need to fill it out and return it. Election officials recommend using a blue or black pen to complete your ballot. Tabulators, the machines that count your vote, cannot read red ink, so you shouldn't use a red pen. Don't forget to sign the return envelope with your affidavit. When you're ready to cast your vote,...

    If you're away for the election, you should note that Arizona law does not allow the postal service to forward official election materials, like ballots, to temporary addresses. Instead, you'll need to reach out to your county recorderto request a one-time early ballot be sent to your temporary mailing address, which must be within the U.S. You wil...

    Yes, you can request to be removed from the list via the Service Arizona portalor by contacting your county recorder's office. Potential changes:How would Proposition 309 on the Arizona ballot change voting? Here's what to know about measure By state law, you would have needed to remove yourself from the list by Sept. 23 to avoid getting your ballo...

    You can drop off your ballot at any early voting site or U.S. Postal Service mailbox. Beginning Oct. 12, a dozen early sites opened in Maricopa County, plus another 18 sites that are drop box only. Two of those drop boxes — one at the main elections center near downtown Phoenix and one at the Maricopa County Juvenile Court in Mesa — are drive-thru ...

    Yes, you can. You don't have to return your mailed ballot. If you show up to vote in person, your mailed one will be voided when your in-person vote is cast.

    Yes, you'll need to show identification at the polls. Acceptable forms of IDinclude: 1. Your valid Arizona driver's license. 2. Your valid state identification card. 3. Your tribal enrollment card. 4. Other government-issued identification. 5. Two items such as a utility bill and a bank statement that bear your name and address.

    Starting Oct. 12, a dozen sites will be open across the Valley from Buckeye City Hall to Indian Bend Wash Visitor Center in Scottsdale, plus another 18 sites that are drop box only. The full list of voting locations is available on the Maricopa County Elections Department website. The number of early voting sites will continue to increase leading u...

    Yes, you can. Arizona voters can track their ballots at the Arizona Voter Information Portal. Maricopa County voters can track their ballots online on their voter dashboard at BeBallotReady.Vote. Maricopa County voters can also text “JOIN” to 628683 to receive text notifications of when their ballot gets counted, verified and other details.

    There's a few dates to keep in mind this voting season. Oct. 12:Early voting begins and ballots are mailed; early voting locations and drop-boxes become available. Oct. 28:Last day to request a ballot in the mail. Nov. 1:Last day to mail back your ballot. Nov. 8:Election Day. Sasha Hupka covers Maricopa County and regional issues for The Arizona Re...

    • Sasha Hupka
    • County Watchdog Reporter
  4. Nov 8, 2022 · Voting on Election Day: Maricopa County will have 223 voting centers open Nov. 8, and registered voters can cast a ballot at any of those locations. Find a list of voting locations at https ...

  5. Nov 8, 2022 · Early Voting. Early voting begins on October 12th, 2022. Voters are able to vote by mail or visit an on-site early voting location. The Maricopa County Recorder's Office will be utilizing "vote anywhere" vote centers with more locations opening throughout early voting. Each facility has unique hours of operation during early voting.

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  7. Nov 8, 2022 · November. 8 Election Day. *29 days preceding the November 8th General Election falls on a state holiday, Columbus Day. Because of this the deadline is moved to the next immediate business day. All voter registration deadlines are pursuant to A.R.S. §§ 16-120 & 16-134.

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