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  1. Count Wolfrad von Eberstein b. Abt 1236 of Eberstein, Baden ...

    Count Wolfrad von Eberstein b. Abt 1236 of Eberstein, Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Schwaben, Germany d. Yes, date unknown: Our Family Histories

  2. alswiki Eberhard III. von Württemberg (Graf) arwiki إبرهارت الثالث (كونت فورتمبيرغ) bgwiki Еберхард III (граф на Вюртемберг) dewiki Eberhard III. (Württemberg, Graf) elwiki Έμπερχαρτ Γ΄ κόμης της Βυρτεμβέργης; enwiki Eberhard III, Count of Württemberg

  3. House Laws of Württemberg - Heraldica

    In his testament of 1664, Eberhard III forbade endowing younger brothers with land and instituted a pure system of monetary apanage. Eberhard III's son Wilhelm Ludwig (1647-77) was succeeded by his underage son Eberhard Ludwig (1676-1733), over whose guardianship a long dispute was settled in 1678 in favor of his uncle Friedrich Karl.

  4. Swabia | historical region, Germany | Britannica

    In 1377 this new league defeated Eberhard II’s son Ulrich at Reutlingen, and it was a force in southern Germany until Eberhard II defeated it in 1388. In 1395 Eberhard III of Württemberg toppled the Schleglerbund by taking its fortress at Heimsheim.

  5. Eberhard II Graf von Württemberg

    Eberhard II, called “der Greiner” Count of Württemberg 1344 –1392.. Count Eberhard The Weeper of Württemberg. Ye !—ye, there, in the world without. Lift not your heads so grand ! Men hath it borne, and heroes stout. Alike for peace or battle-rout,— Our gallant Swabian land !. Boast of your Edward, Fred’ric, Charles, And Ludwig as ...

  6. Kingdoms of Germany - Württemberg

    Eberhard V: Urach. Became Duke Eberhard I. 1480 - 1495: Eberhard VI: Became Duke Eberhard II. Duchy of Württemberg (Additional information from Ulwencreutz's The Royal Families in Europe V, Lars Ulwencreutz.) 1495 - 1496: Eberhard I: Formerly Count Eberhard V. 1496 - 1498: Eberhard II: Formerly Count Eberhard VI. d.1504. 1498 - 1519: Ulrich I ...

  7. Charles Alexander, Duke of Württemberg | Military Wiki | Fandom,_Duke...

    Charles Alexander of Württemberg (24 May 1684 – 12 March 1737) was a Württemberg noble from 1698 who governed the Kingdom of Serbia as regent from 1720 until 1733, when he assumed the position of Duke of Württemberg, which he had held until his death. Contents[show] Biography Born in Stuttgart, he was the eldest son of Frederick Charles, Duke of Württemberg-Winnental, and Eleonore ...


    Nov 14, 2015 · Eberhard IV of Württemberg (23 August 1388, Stuttgart – 2 July 1419, Waiblingen) was the ruling Count of Württemberg from 1417 until his death. He was elder son of Count Eberhard III and Antonia Visconti. On 13 November 1397 he became engaged to Henriette of Mömpelgard.

  9. Eberhard I, Duke of Württemberg (1445–96) Eberhard II, Count of Württemberg (after 1315–1392) Eberhard I, Count of Bonngau (died 937) Eberhard III, Duke of Franconia (ca 885 – 939) Eberhard (Archbishop of Trier) (1010–66) Eberhard of Salzburg (d. 1164), Bishop of Salzburg and saint Last name


    Eberhard III of Württemberg (called der Milde (the Clement) (1364 – 16 May 1417, Göppingen), ruled from 1392-1417 as theCount of Württemberg, then a part of the Holy Roman Empire. [1] He was a son of Count Ulrich of Württemberg and Elisabeth of Bavaria , and the grandson and successor of Eberhard II