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  1. Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Count_of...

    Eberhard IV of Württemberg (23 August 1388, Stuttgart – 2 July 1419, Waiblingen) was the ruling Count of Württemberg from 1417 until his death. Life. He was elder son of Count Eberhard III and Antonia Visconti. On 13 November 1397 he became engaged to Henriette of Mömpelgard.

  2. Eberhard I, Count of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Count_of...

    Eberhard was the son of Count Ulrich I of Württemberg, who died a few weeks before his birth. His mother was Agnes of Silesia-Legnica, a daughter of Bolesław II Rogatka. She probably died at his birth; some sources speak of a caesarean section . Eberhard was married three times.

  3. Eberhard IV, Graf von Wuertemberg - geni family tree

    Mar 14, 2019 · Various sources imply that a relationship existed between Graf Eberhard IV der Junger and Agnes, the daughter of the Stuttgart mayor, Werner von Dagersheim, who lived at his court at the time. Sources suggest he fathered two children by her, both of whom took their mother's name of "Von Dagersheim".

  4. Eberhard II of Württemberg (c.1315 - 1392) - Genealogy

    From the beginning of his regency in 1344 up to 1361 he reigned together with his brother Ulrich IV, whom he forced to sign a treaty which confirmed the inseparability of Württemberg. Soon afterwards Ulrich IV renounced his co-rule on May 1, 1362.

  5. Category:Count Eberhard IV of Württemberg - Wikimedia Commons

    Eberhard IV, Count of Württemberg. Count of Württemberg. image of grave. Upload media. Wikipedia. Date of birth. 23 August 1388 (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584) Stuttgart. Date of death.

  6. Eberhard III. von Württemberg (1364-1417) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Eberhard IV. von Württemberg (1388-1419) Stuttgart, Germany: Waiblingen, Germany: Eberhard III. von Württemberg (1364-1417) Antonia Visconti (1360-1405) Henriette de Montfaucon (1387-1444) Eberhard III. von Württemberg (1364-1417) Göppingen, Germany: Ulrich von Württemberg (1342-1388) Elisabeth von Wittelsbach (1329-1402)

  7. Ludwig I., Count of Württemberg-Urach . The son of count Eberhard IV and Henriette of Montbéliard. He reigned from 1419 until 1450. After the death of his father Count Eberhard IV , he and his brother Ulrich V were put under the tutelage from 1419 to 1426. Besides his mother Henriette of Montbéliard this guardianship...

    • 23 Sep 1450 (aged 37–38)
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  8. Eberhard IV. von Württemberg (1388-1419) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Eberhard IV. von Württemberg, Graf von Württemberg, was born 23 August 1388 in Stuttgart, Germany to Eberhard III. von Württemberg (1364-1417) and Antonia Visconti (1360-1405) and died 2 July 1419 inWaiblingen, Germany of unspecified causes. He married Henriette de Montfaucon (1387-1444...

    • 2 July 1419 Waiblingen, Germany
    • Henriette de Montfaucon (1387-1444)
    • 96LM-JX
    • Graf von Württemberg
  9. Eberhard III, Count of Württemberg - Wikipedia,_Count_of...

    He was a son of Count Ulrich of Württemberg and Elisabeth of Bavaria (who was the daughter of the emperor Louis IV), and the grandson and successor of Eberhard II.His reign was noted by a peace-preserving policy of alliances with the neighboring principalities and imperial towns.

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