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    • 1. the place where Adam and Eve lived in the biblical account of the Creation, from which they were expelled for disobediently eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


    • 1. a place or state of great happiness; an unspoiled paradise: "the lost Eden of his childhood"
  2. Eden | Definition of Eden by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › Eden

    Eden definition is - paradise. How to use Eden in a sentence.

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    1. Bible The garden of God and the first home of Adam and Eve. Also called Garden of Eden. 2.

  4. Garden of Eden - Wikipedia › wiki › Garden_of_Eden

    The Garden of Eden (Hebrew: גַּן־עֵדֶן ‎ – gan-ʿḖḏen) or Garden of God (Hebrew: גַן־יְהוָה ‎ – gan-Yhwh), also called the Terrestrial Paradise, is the biblical paradise described in Genesis 2-3 and Ezekiel 28 and 31.

  5. Garden of Eden | Story, Meaning, & Facts | Britannica › topic › Garden-of-Eden

    Garden of Eden, in the Old Testament Book of Genesis, biblical earthly paradise inhabited by the first created man and woman, Adam and Eve, prior to their expulsion for disobeying the commandments of God. It is also called in Genesis the Garden of Yahweh, the God of Israel, and, in Ezekiel, the Garden of God.

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  9. Eden - Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki › wiki › Eden

    Apr 30, 2021 · Eden is a new character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, unlocked by completing The Womb for the first time. Eden is unique in that they are only playable when the player has at least one Eden Token. Eden Tokens are awarded every time Mom's Heart, It Lives, or Ultra Greed is defeated.

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  11. Jan 18, 2021 · Nestled on beautiful Baltimore Avenue, Eden has been voted by Delaware Today as having the “Most Romantic Atmosphere” for many years counting, and has been recognized for over a decade by Wine Spectator for our impressive wine list. Open year round, Eden features a monthly wine dinner series and delicious Wednesday night prix fixe menu.

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