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  1. Dark City (1998 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Dark_City_(1998_film)

    Apr 16, 2021 · Dark City has as stunning a visual texture as that of any movie that I've seen." —James Berardinelli, writing for ReelViews [51] Roger Ebert writing in the Chicago Sun-Times called it a "great visionary achievement," while also exclaiming that it was "a film so original and exciting, it stirred my imagination like Metropolis and 2001: A Space ...

    • Andrew Mason, Alex Proyas
    • Alex Proyas
  2. The Mask (1994 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Mask_(1994_film)

    6 days ago · The Mask is a 1994 American superhero comedy film directed by Charles Russell, produced by Bob Engelman, and written by Mike Werb, loosely based on the Mask comics published by Dark Horse Comics. The first installment in the Mask franchise , it stars Jim Carrey in the title role, Peter Riegert , Peter Greene , Amy Yasbeck , Richard Jeni , and ...

  3. The City on the Edge of Forever - Wikipedia › wiki › The_City_on_the_Edge_of

    Apr 16, 2021 · "The City on the Edge of Forever" was released on DVD paired with "Errand of Mercy" as part of the general release of the series in 2000, and as part of the season one DVD set in 2004. The episode was included in the remastered season one release on DVD and Blu-ray in 2009. [103]

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  5. List of films set in New York City - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_films_set_in_New

    5 days ago · In the history of motion pictures in the United States, many films have been set in New York City, or a fictionalized version thereof. The following is a list of films and documentaries set in New York, however the list includes a number of films which only have a tenuous connection to the city. The list is sorted by the year the film was released.

  6. Edge of the Axe - Wikipedia › wiki › Edge_of_the_Axe

    Apr 16, 2021 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Edge of the Axe (Spanish: Al Filo del Hacha) is a 1988 Spanish-American slasher film directed by José Ramón Larraz, and starring Barton Faulks, Christina Marie Lane, Page Moseley, and Fred Holliday. The film centers on a masked maniac murdering people in a rural mountain town in Northern California.

    • Javier Elorrieta
    • September 15, 1989 (U.S.), November 9, 1989 (United Kingdom)
  7. 20 Movies To Watch If You Loved Shutter Island - Movie and TV ... › guide › 20-movies-to

    Apr 16, 2021 · Movies in this vein include Open Your Eyes (remade as Vanilla Sky), John Frankenheimer’s Seconds (which helped drive Brian Wilson over the edge in real life), the sci-fi noir Dark City, the...

  8. Godzilla Movies in Order: How to Watch Chronologically or by ... › how-to-watch-godzilla-movies-in-order

    Mar 31, 2021 · Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (2018) The colonists regroup after their disastrous attack on Godzilla at the end of the first movie and learn of a mysterious facility containing nanometal...

  9. Watch These 11 Titles Before They Leave Netflix in April ... › 2021/04/07 › movies

    Apr 07, 2021 · The horror and post-apocalyptic sci-fi elements work as well as ever, but the real draw of “Legend” is the skill with which its technicians convincingly empty out New York City — and the ...

  10. Pandemic movies: Top 20 highest-grossing films during the ... › entertainment › 2021/3/30

    Mar 30, 2021 · “But, like a great Hollywood movie, this is a cliffhanger that has the entire industry on the edge of its seat.” Here are the 20 highest-grossing movies from March 2020 through March 2021, according to Entertainment Weekly :

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