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  1. Edward Braddock, (born 1695, Perthshire, Scotland—died July 13, 1755, Great Meadows, Pennsylvania [U.S.]), unsuccessful British commander in North America in the early stages of the French and Indian War. He is best known for the Battle of the Monongahela, in which his army was decisively defeated and he was mortally wounded.

  2. Major-General Edward Braddock (January 1695 – 13 July 1755) was a British officer and commander-in-chief for the Thirteen Colonies during the start of the French and Indian War (1754–1763), the North American front of what is known in Europe and Canada as the Seven Years' War (1756–1763).

  3. General Edward Braddock commanded British forces in the unsuccessful 1755 campaign to expel the French from the Ohio Valley near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Braddock assumed command of the expedition due to the failure of earlier Virginian efforts led by George Washington at the start of the French and Indian War (1754-1763).

  4. Nov 5, 2020 · General Edward Braddock of the Coldstream Guard After George Washington's defeat at Fort Necessity, his British force retreated to Wills Creek (present day Cumberland, Maryland). The March to the Forks

  5. Battle of the Monongahela, (July 9, 1755), in the last French and Indian War, thorough defeat of General Edward Braddock’s British army by a smaller force of French and Indians of several tribes led by Captain Daniel de Beaujeu and, after his death, by Captain Jean Dumas.

  6. Feb 7, 2017 · Braddock’s Defeat, 1755: French and Indian War. A British disaster in the French and Indian War propelled the rise of a young American colonel, George Washington. In May 1755, British Major General Edward Braddock met with the American inventor, writer and former Philadelphia printer Benjamin Franklin in Frederick town, Maryland.

  7. GEN Edward Braddock. Birth. Jan 1695. Perth, Perth and Kinross, Scotland. Death. 13 Jul 1755 (aged 60) Farmington, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA. Burial. General Edward Braddock Gravesite.

  8. British General Edward Braddock died from a mortal wound he had received three days before and was buried in the military road they were retreating on. This location is open seasonally and includes a ¼ mile walking trail and interpretive signs. The battle on July 9, 1755 did not go well for the British under General Braddock’s command.

  9. Edward Braddock (1695 – 1755), also known as "The Bulldog", was a general in the British Army and a former member of the Templar Order . Contents 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 French and Indian War 1.3 The Braddock Expedition 1.4 Death

  10. General Edward Braddock The war did not begin well for the British. The British Government sent General Edward Braddock to the colonies as commander in chief of British North American forces, but he alienated potential Indian allies and colonial leaders failed to cooperate with him.

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