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  1. Henry IV (c. April 1367 – 20 March 1413), also known as Henry Bolingbroke, was King of England from 1399 to 1413. He asserted the claim of his grandfather King Edward III, a maternal grandson of Philip IV of France, to the Kingdom of France.

  2. Jan 15, 2020 · Edward III was born on 13 November 1312 CE at Windsor Castle, the son of King Edward II of England and Isabella of France (b. c. 1289 CE), the daughter of Philip IV of France (r. 1285-1314 CE). Edward's parents had married largely for diplomatic reasons and to produce an heir.

  3. Apr 24, 2019 · Elizabeth Woodville (1437–June 7 or 8, 1492, and known variously as Lady Grey, Elizabeth Grey, and Elizabeth Wydevill) was the commoner wife of Edward IV, who had a key role in the War of the Roses and in the succession battle between the Plantagenets and Tudors.

  4. Aug 29, 2022 · Edward I, byname Edward Longshanks, (born June 17, 1239, Westminster, Middlesex, England—died July 7, 1307, Burgh by Sands, near Carlisle, Cumberland), son of Henry III and king of England in 1272–1307, during a period of rising national consciousness. He strengthened the crown and Parliament against the old feudal nobility. He subdued Wales, destroying its autonomy; and he sought ...

  5. Edward IV Duke of York, King of England r.1461–1470, 1471–1483: George Plantagenet Duke of Clarence: Edward of Westminster Prince of Wales: Anne Neville: Richard III Duke of Gloucester, King of England r.1483–1485: Henry VII King of England r.1485–1509: Elizabeth of York: Edward V Prince of Wales, King of England r.1483: Richard of ...

  6. Edward IV (ur.28 kwietnia 1442 w Rouen, zm. 9 kwietnia 1483 w Westminsterze) – król Anglii w latach 1461–1483, z krótką przerwą w latach 1470–1471. Edward był synem Ryszarda Plantageneta, 3. księcia Yorku i Cecylii Neville, córki Ralpha Neville’a, 1. hrabiego Westmoreland

  7. Throughout the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the Exchequer paid to keep candles burning 'round the body of the Lord Edward, formerly King of England, of famous memory'. Image: Edward I of England with his brother-in-law, Alexander III, on his right hand side. The Royal Arms of Scotland can be seen above Alexander's head

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