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  1. Oology - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · Oology (or oölogy) is a branch of ornithology studying bird eggs, nests and breeding behaviour. The word is derived from the Greek oion, meaning egg.Oology can also refer to the hobby of collecting wild birds' eggs, sometimes called egg collecting, birdnesting or egging, which is now illegal in many jurisdictions.

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  3. Balut (food) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Balut (/ b ə ˈ l uː t / bə-LOOT, / ˈ b ɑː l uː t / BAH-loot; also spelled as balot) is a Filipino term for a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. . It is commonly sold as street food in China and other Southeast Asian countries: notably Cambodia (where it is called "ពងទាកូន") and Vietnam (where it is called trứng vịt lộ

  4. Scrambled eggs - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · Scrambled eggs à l'américaine – with pan-fried smoked bacon, garnished with slices of broiled bacon and small grilled tomato halves. [27] Scrambled eggs with digüeñes – a variation from Chilean cuisine in which the eggs are fried together with the native fungus Cyttaria espinosae , or sometimes spinach .

    • Salt, butter
    • Eggs
  5. Biryani - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Biryani (/ b ɜːr ˈ j ɑː n i /) is a mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is made with Indian spices, rice, and meat (chicken, beef, goat, pork, lamb, prawn, or fish), and sometimes, in addition, eggs and/or vegetables such as potatoes in certain regional varieties.

    • Biriyani, biriani, beriani, briyani, breyani, briani, birani, buriyani
    • Various
  6. Mayonnaise - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · Mayonnaise is used commonly around the world, and is also a base for many other chilled sauces and salad dressings.For example, sauce rémoulade, in classic French cuisine, is a mix of mayonnaise and mustard, gherkins, capers, parsley, chervil, tarragon, and possibly anchovy essence.

    • Mahón, Menorca, Balearic islands, Provence, Bayonne
    • Spain, France
  7. Bird egg - Wikipedia

    19 hours ago · Egg size tends to be proportional to the size of the adult bird, [citation needed] from the half gram egg of the bee hummingbird to the 1.5 kg egg of the ostrich. Kiwis have disproportionately large eggs, up to 20% of the female's body weight.

  8. Icing (food) - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Icing, or frosting, is a sweet, often creamy glaze made of sugar with a liquid, such as water or milk, that is often enriched with ingredients like butter, egg whites, cream cheese, or flavorings. It is used to coat or decorate baked goods , such as cakes .

  9. Black garden ant - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    1 day ago · The black garden ant, like other ants, has four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The eggs are tiny, white, kidney-shaped, with a smooth sticky surface. This helps them to be carried in a group instead of one by one. After hatching the larvae look like tiny maggots.

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