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  1. Einhard - Wikipedia › wiki › Einhard

    Einhard was from the eastern German-speaking part of the Frankish Kingdom. Born into a family of landowners of some importance, his parents sent him to be educated by the monks of Fulda, one of the most impressive centers of learning in the Frank lands.

  2. Einhard | Frankish historian | Britannica › biography › Einhard

    Mar 10, 2021 · Einhard, also spelled Eginhard, (born c. 770, Maingau, Franconia [Germany]—died March 14, 840, Seligenstadt, Franconia), Frankish historian and court scholar whose writings are an invaluable source of information on Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire.

  3. Einhard - Encyclopedia Volume - Catholic Encyclopedia ... › encyclopedia › view

    Charlemagne gave Einhard charge of his great public buildings, e.g. the construction of Aachen cathedral and the palaces of Aachen and Ingelheim, for which reason he was known in court circles as Beseleel, after the builder of the tabernacle ( Exodus 21 ).

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    Einhard, educated first at Fulda, was eventually sent to Charlemagne's palace school at Aachen, where he continued his education under alcuin. His talent and industry won the favor of Charlemagne, who entrusted him with supervision of the royal building program and with important diplomatic missions.

  5. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Einhard › cathen › 05366b

    (Less correctly EGINHARD), historian, born c. 770 in the district watered by the River Main in the eastern part of the Frankish Empire; d. 14 March, 840, at Seligenstadt. His earliest training he received at the monastery of Fulda, where he showed such unusual mental powers that Abbot Baugulf sent him to the court of Charlemagne.

  6. Einhard’s Biography Of Charlemagne | The Eighth Century and ...


    Jun 20, 2015 · A noble and learned man named Einhard, born around 770 of a noble family from the eastern part of the realm, wrote the biography in his retirement, about a decade after Charlemagne’s death. Einhard came to the king’s court in 791 after an extensive monastic education, a group of scholars that Charlemagne had been gathering around him.

  7. Internet History Sourcebooks › basis › einhard

    The Monk of Saint Gall: The Life of Charlemagne Einhard wrote in imitation of the Roman biographer Suetonius (c.69-after 122 CE), especially his Life of Augustus, which is also online.

  8. Life of Charlemagne | work by Einhard | Britannica › topic › Life-of-Charlemagne

    In Einhard Einhard probably wrote his Vita Karoli Magni (“Life of Charles the Great”) about 830–833, after he had left Aachen and was living in Seligenstadt. Based on 23 years of service to Charlemagne and research in the royal annals, the book was expressly intended to convey Einhard’s gratitude for Charlemagne’s…

  9. Charlemagne And Einhard's Life Of Charlemagne - 815 Words ... › essay › Charlemagne-And-Einhards

    Einhard mentions the end of the Merovingian and the start of the Carolingian dynasties also listing his ancestors because he wanted to give background of the type of kingdom Charlemagne came into. Along with a list of Charlemagne’s military campaigns, following with other details of his life till his death.

  10. Einhard LIFE OF CHARLEMAGNE: A Record Of His Legends › arthurian › charlemagne

    Judging by the Einhard’s account, Charlemagne didn’t become the Holy Roman Empire, until he received this title at the hand of Pope Leo III on Christmas Day of AD 800. But the legend, particularly the Chanson de Roland, often referred to him as emperor, during Charlemagne’s campaign in Spain, which took place in AD 778.

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