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  1. Eleanor, Fair Maid of Brittany. Eleanor, Fair Maid of Brittany [a] ( c. 1184 – 10 August 1241), also known as Damsel of Brittany, Pearl of Brittany, or Beauty of Brittany, was the eldest daughter of Geoffrey II, Duke of Brittany, and Constance, Duchess of Brittany. Her father, Geoffrey, was the fourth son of Henry II, King of England .

  2. Eleanor of Brittany (1275 – 16 May 1342) was the sixteenth abbess of Fontevrault. She was born in England to John II, Duke of Brittany and Beatrice of England , and in 1281 at the age of seven entered Amesbury Priory in Wiltshire, a priory of the Fontevrault order (her first cousin, twice removed, Eleanor, Fair Maid of Brittany is buried there).

  3. Jan 24, 2015 · Eleanor, the ‘Pearl of Brittany’. Eleanor of Brittany was born around 1184, the daughter of Geoffrey Plantagenet Duke of Brittany by right of his wife, and Constance of Brittany. Whilst estranged from his father, Henry II, Geoffrey had been trampled to death while competing at a tournament in Paris, in August 1186.

  4. Jan 20, 2017 · Eleanor was born around 1184, the daughter of Geoffrey of Anjou, Henry II of England’s fourth son and Constance, the Duchess of Brittany. Eleanor is an example of why it was not always a good thing to be an heiress in the middle ages. As was common, she initially became a prize for the male members of her family to use in forming political ...

  5. Eleanor of Brittany. Eleanor's father Geoffrey was killed in a tournament in Paris on 19 August 1186, at the age of just twenty-seven and she became the ward of her uncle Richard I the Lionheart. Henry II arranged a second marriage for her mother Constance of Brittany in 1188, to Ranulph de Meschines, 4th Earl of Chester, but it proved to be ...

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  7. Known as the Damsel, the Pearl, or the Maid of Brittany, Eleanor was born in 1184, the daughter of Geoffrey, duke of Brittany, and Constance of Brittany . She was also the niece of King John of England and the sister of Arthur, count of Brittany. Because of contention for the throne between Arthur and John (1199–1202), Eleanor was imprisoned ...

  8. Fontevraud Gradual. The Fontevraud Gradual (often known as the Gradual of Eleanor of Brittany) is an antiphonary or gradual of the mid-13th century, owned by Eleanor of Brittany (d. 1342), abbess of Fontevraud Abbey, and bequeathed to the abbey on her death. [1] It contains Gregorian chant as well as three early polyphonic pieces.

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