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  1. Eleanor of Castile (after 1363 – 1415/1416) was Queen of Navarre by marriage to King Charles III of Navarre. She acted as regent of Navarre during the absence of her spouse in France in 1397–1398, 1403–1406 and 1409–1411.

  2. Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 28 November 1290) was Queen of England as the first wife of Edward I. She was educated at the Castilian court and also ruled as Countess of Ponthieu in her own right (suo jure) from 1279.

  3. Eleanor of Navarre ( Basque: Leonor and Spanish: Leonor) (2 February 1426 – 12 February 1479), [1] was a Navarrese princess and monarch. She served as the regent of Navarre from 1455 to 1479, during the absence of her father, and then briefly as the queen regnant of Navarre in 1479. She was crowned on 28 January 1479 in Tudela. [1] Life.

    • 28 January 1479 – 12 February 1479
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  4. Eleanor Of Castile (born 1246—died Nov. 28, 1290, Harby, Nottinghamshire, Eng.) was the queen consort of King Edward I of England (ruled 1272–1307). Her devotion to Edward helped bring out his better qualities; after her death, his rule became somewhat arbitrary.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  5. Eleanor of Castile was the wife of King Edward I of England. This medieval union was a very successful one, both politically and personally; indeed such was Edward’s grief on the death of his wife that he had the beautifully ornate stone ‘Eleanor Crosses’ erected in her memory…

  6. Eleanor of Castile (1241–1290) Paragon of medieval queenship, who was an active partner of her husband Edward I, accompanying him to the Holy Land on Crusade, to Gascony and Wales, while also bearing 15 children. Name variations: Eleanora of Castile; Eleanor the Faithful.

  7. Born on February 2, 1425 (some sources cite 1426), in Aragon; died on February 12, 1479, in Tudela, Navarre, Spain; daughter of Juan II also known as John II, king of Aragon (r. 1458–1479), and Blanche of Navarre (1385–1441); sister of Blanche of Navarre (1424–1464), queen of Castile and Leon; half-sister of Ferdinand of Aragon (who ...

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