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  1. Elizabeth Charlotte, Madame Palatine - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Variations of her titles and territorial designations, such as Electoral Princess, Princess Palatine, of the Palatinate, of the Rhine, "the Palatine", etc. (also in respective forms in French and German) The dynastic titles to which she was entitled were Countess Palatine of the Rhine at Simmern and Duchess of Bavaria.

  2. Prince-elector - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The Elector of Saxony was vicar in areas operating under Saxon law (Saxony, Westphalia, Hanover, and northern Germany), while the Elector Palatine was vicar in the remainder of the Empire (Franconia, Swabia, the Rhine, and southern Germany). The Elector of Bavaria replaced the Elector Palatine in 1623, but when the latter was granted a new ...

  3. Otto I, Count of Salm - Wikipedia,_Count_of_Salm

    Sep 13, 2020 · Otto I, Count of Salm (c. 1080 – 1150) was a German nobleman. He was a ruling count of Salm and from 1125 to 1137, he was co-ruler of the County Palatine of the Rhine with his stepson William.

  4. Ernst von Mansfeld - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · He took Pilsen, but in the summer of 1619 he was defeated at the Battle of Sablat; after this he offered his services to the Emperor Ferdinand II and remained inactive while the titular king of Bohemia, Frederick V, Elector Palatine of the Rhine, was driven in headlong rout from Prague.

  5. 鲁普雷希特(德语:Ruprecht von der Pfalz;英語: Prince Rupert of the Rhine ;1619年12月17日-1682年11月29日),英语译作魯珀特,萊茵王領侯爵(Count Palatine)、巴伐利亞公爵、第一代坎伯蘭公爵、第一代霍德尼斯侯爵,通常被稱為萊茵的魯珀特王子。

  6. 维特尔斯巴赫王朝 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书维特尔斯巴赫王朝

    普法尔茨选帝候腓特烈二世 ( 英语 : Frederick II, Elector Palatine ) 1556年死后无嗣,由 奥托海因里希 ( 英语 : Otto Henry, Elector Palatine ) 继位为普法尔茨选帝候。

  7. データ/ミッション/Europe - EU4 Wikiデータ/ミッション/Europe

    The Glorious Palatine: 西方の国境 (The Western Border) ・威信が+75以上 ・首都の開発度が30以上 ・統治、外交、軍事それぞれレベル3以上の顧問を採用している ・赤字でない ・威信 +25 ・「プファルツの栄光」(The Glorious Palatine)の効果を獲得

  8. Prince-elector Facts for Kids

    6 days ago · At the centre: the Count Palatine of the Rhine hands over a golden bowl, acting as a servant. Behind him, the Duke of Saxony with his marshall's staff and the Margrave of Brandenburg bringing a bowl of warm water, as a valet. Below, the new king in front of the great men of the empire (Heidelberg Sachsenspiegel, around 1300)

  9. #FineArtFriday: The Baker by Job Adriaenszoon Berckheyde ...

    2 days ago · About the Artist, via Wikipedia: Job Berckheyde, baptized 27 January 1630 and died 23 November 1693, was born in Haarlem and was the older brother of the painter Gerrit who he later taught to paint.