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  1. Maria Anna Sophia of Saxony

    Electress of Bavaria Tenure 9 July 1747 – 30 December 1777 Spouse

  2. Biography -

    Susanna of Bavaria (2 April 1502 – 23 April 1543) was a German noblewoman. Born in Munich, she was the daughter of Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria, and Kunigunde of Austria, herself the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III and Eleanor of Portugal.

  3. Sibylle of Cleves, Electress consort of Saxony; sister of Queen Anne of Cleves Sibylle, Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Saxe-Lauenburg Sibylle Aimée Marie-Antoinette Gabrielle de Riquetti de Mirabeau, Comtesse de Martel de Janville aka Gyp, French novelist Sibylle Auguste of Saxe-Lauenburg, Margravine of Baden-Baden Sibylle Christine of Anhalt ...

  4. I29178: Elisabeth of BAVARIA-LANDSHUT (1383 - 13 NOV 1442)

    Elisabeth of BAVARIA-LANDSHUT (1383 - 13 NOV 1442)

  5. Maria Sophia of Neuburg - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Maria Sophia of Neuburg and Sophie of Brandenburg · See more » William V, Duke of Bavaria William V (29 September 1548 – 7 February 1626), called the Pious, (German: Wilhelm V., der Fromme, Herzog von Bayern) was Duke of Bavaria from 1579 to 1597.

  6. catherine of bohemia : definition of catherine of bohemia and ... of bohemia/en-en

    Charles invaded Brandenburg in 1371, as Otto was neglecting the administration of its territories. Two years later, Otto officially resigned his rule of Brandenburg in return for a huge financial compensation and retired to Bavaria. This was the end of the Wittelsbach rule in Brandenburg.

  7. Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Brandenburg d: У шлюбі з: Катаріна Саксонська: Діти: Dorothea of Brandenburg, Duchess of Saxe-Lauenburg d, Margaret of Brandenburg d і Margarete Prinzessin von Brandenburg d Медіафайли у Вікісховищі

  8. Magdalena Brandenburgekoa (1412 - 1454) - Wikipedia ...

    Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Brandenburg: Ezkontidea(k) Frederick II, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (en) ... Dorothea of Brandenburg, Duchess of Mecklenburg (en)

  9. Zezilia Brandenburgokoa - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

    Zezilia Brandenburgokoa (1405 - 1449ko urtarrilaren 4a) Brandenburgoko printzesa izan zen jaiotzez eta Bruswick-Wolfenbütteleko dukesa ezkontzaz. Frederiko I.a Brandenburgokoa eta Elisabet Bavariakoaren alaba zen, ama Frederiko Bavaria-Landshutekoaren alaba.

  10. Q29574_family

    Elisabeth of Bavaria, Electress of Saxony. Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg ... Anna of Saxony, Electress of Brandenburg. Casimir IV Jagiellon Elisabeth of Habsburg ...