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    Elizabeth of Bohemia (Czech: Eliška Přemyslovna) (20 January 1292 – 28 September 1330) was a princess of the Bohemian Přemyslid dynasty who became queen consort of Bohemia as the first wife of King John the Blind. She was the mother of Emperor Charles IV, King of Bohemia.

    • 20 January 1292
    • 1310–1330
    • 7 February 1311
    • 28 September 1330 (aged 38), Bohemia
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    • Childhood
    • The Fight For The Throne
    • Marriage to John of Luxembourg
    • Later Years
    • Children
    • Sources

    She was the daugh­ter of Wences­laus II of Bo­hemia and Ju­dith of Hab­s­burg. Her mother died when Eliz­a­beth was five years old, and of her ten chil­dren only four of them lived to adult­hood: Wences­laus, Anne, Eliz­a­beth and Mar­garet. Eliz­a­beth and her sib­lings also had a half-sis­ter called Agnes. Six years after the death of her mother, her fa­ther re­mar­ried, to a Pol­ish princess called Eliz­a­beth Richeza, from the Piast dy­nasty. Eliz­a­beth's fa­ther then gained the Crown of Poland. Many no­table events oc­curred dur­ing Eliz­a­beth's youth, in­clud­ing a dev­as­tat­ing fire at Prague Cas­tle in 1303, the death of her father, and the as­sas­si­na­tion of her brother Wences­laus. Eliz­a­beth was or­phaned by the age of thir­teen and lived with her sis­ter, Anne. Her other sis­ter, Mar­garet was mar­ried at the age of seven to Bolesław III the Gen­er­ous, after he had come to the court of Bo­hemia with his mother, Elis­a­beth of Greater Poland. Eliz­a­beth went to li...

    In 1306, after the mur­der of Eliz­a­beth's brother Wences­laus, Eliz­a­beth's brother-in-law Henry be­came King of Bo­hemia. Eliz­a­beth was now the only un­mar­ried princess in the fam­ily, and at four­teen she was con­sid­ered a good age to marry, and as a re­sult played an im­por­tant role in the power strug­gle for the King­dom of Bo­hemia. The quar­rels of the Bo­hemian throne be­tween Henry of Bo­hemia and Rudolph of Hab­s­burg re­sulted in Rudolph tak­ing Bo­hemia and mar­ry­ing Queen Eliz­a­beth Richeza. Eliz­a­beth went to live in Prague Cas­tle with her brother's widow, Viola Elis­a­beth of Cieszyn. How­ever, on Rudolph's death in 1307 the crown re­turned to her brother-in-law and sis­ter, who wanted Eliz­a­beth to marry the Lord of Bergova (Otto of Löbd­aburg) for po­lit­i­cal rea­sons. Eliz­a­beth re­fused to marry Otto and so Eliz­a­beth and Anne fell out with each other. An op­po­si­tion group was formed against Henry and Anne, with Eliz­a­beth as the fig­ure­head.

    Eliz­a­beth mar­ried the son of Henry VII, Holy Roman Em­peror, John of Lux­em­bourg. She knew Anna and Henry's weak­nesses and this mar­riage was one of them. The wed­ding took place on 1 Sep­tem­ber 1310, after John was forced to in­vade Bo­hemia. Henry and Anne fled to Carinthia where Anne died in 1313. The coro­na­tionof John and Eliz­a­beth took place on 7 Feb­ru­ary 1311. The mar­riage was ini­tially a dis­as­ter, as Eliz­a­beth needed to give birth to a son to pre­vent the in­her­i­tance of the de­scen­dants of her sis­ters, Mar­garet and Agnes, but did not have a son until six years into the mar­riage, when she gave birth to Charles IV, Holy Roman Em­peror. The mar­riage im­proved for a while as the suc­ces­sion was safely se­cured, but after a while, Eliz­a­beth grew jeal­ous of John, who had lis­tened to her but whose po­lit­i­cal opin­ions dif­fered to hers. In 1319 an al­leged plot was un­cov­ered, to de­pose John and re­place him with their el­dest son Charles. John had...

    In total iso­la­tion and aban­doned by all, Eliz­a­beth left Bo­hemia and went to live in exile in Bavaria. Her ac­tions were con­sid­ered an act of open hos­til­ity to­wards John and his no­bles. In exile Eliz­a­beth gave birth to her last chil­dren, twin daugh­ters Anne and Eliz­a­beth. John did not sup­port Eliz­a­beth dur­ing her exile. Eliz­a­beth re­turned to Bo­hemia in 1325, with her daugh­ter Anne, Eliz­a­beth hav­ing died a few months be­fore. When she re­turned she was ill, but she lived for an­other five years. Her final years were af­fected by her lack of fi­nances, which made her un­able to main­tain a court. She even­tu­ally died of tu­ber­cu­lo­sisin 1330, at the age of thirty-eight.

    Eliz­a­beth and John were par­ents to seven chil­dren 1. Margaret (8 July 1313 – 11 July 1341, Prague), married in Straubing 12 August 1328 to Henry XIV, Duke of Bavaria 2. Bonne (21 May 1315 – 11 September 1349, Maubuisson Abbey, Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône), married in Melun 6 August 1332 to King John II of France 3. Charles IV (14 May 1316 – 29 November 1378), King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor 4. Přemysl Otakar ("Otto") (22 November 1318 – 20 April 1320), Prince of Bohemia 5. John Henry (12 February 1322, Mělník – 12 November 1375), Margrave of Moravia 6. Anna (1323 – 3 September 1338), twin of Elisabeth, married 16 February 1335 to Duke Otto of Austria 7. Elizabeth (1323–1324)

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    Elisabeth Přemyslid of Bohemia was born 20 January 1292 to Wenceslaus II of Bohemia (1271-1305) and Guta von Habsburg (1271-1297) and died 28 September 1330 of unspecified causes. She married Johann von Luxemburg (1296-1346) September 1310 JL. Alfred the Great (849-899)/s, Charlemagne (747-814)/s, Rollo of Normandy (860-932)/s.

  4. Eliška - Elisabeth Česká Přemyslovna (von Böhmen), královna ... › people › Eliška-Elisabeth

    Jul 11, 2021 · Elisabeth I of Bohemia (Czech: Eliška Přemyslovna) (born 20 January 1292, died 28 September 1330) was Queen of Bohemia and mother of King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. She was a daughter of King Venceslaus II of Bohemia and Judith of Habsburg. Her maternal grandparents were Rudolph I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenberg.

    • Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, Bonne of Bohemia
    • January 20, 1292
    • Judith of Habsburg
    • Praha, Bohemia (Czech Republic)
  5. About: Elizabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330) › page › Elizabeth_of_Bohemia_(1292–1330)

    Elizabeth of Bohemia (Czech: Eliška Přemyslovna) (20 January 1292 – 28 September 1330) was a princess of the Bohemian Přemyslid dynasty who became queen consort of Bohemia as the first wife of King John the Blind (John of Luxembourg). She was the mother of King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

    Elisabeth (tschechisch Eliška ...
    1330-01-01 (xsd:date)
    1310-01-01 (xsd:date)
    1292-01-20 (xsd:date) 1292-1-20
  6. Eliška Queen, consort of Jan Lucemburský, King of Bohemia ... › identities › lccn-no2004024630

    Eliška Queen, consort of Jan Lucemburský, King of Bohemia 1292-1330 . Overview. Works: ... Wikipedia Elizabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330) Wikidata.

  7. Záměrem této části práce je ukázat, jakým směrem se zobrazování Elišky Přemyslovny v beletrii vyvíjí od poloviny 20. století do současnosti.The aim of this thesis is to find out image of Elizabeth of Bohemia (1292 - 1330) in chronicals and prose.

    • Michaela Hráchová
  8. Elizabeth of Bohemia (1292–1330)is the most famous person born in 1292. They were born on a Sunday. Their Zodiac sign is ♑ Capricorn. Their Chinese Zodiac sign is 兔 Rabbit.

  9. Elizabeth Blind - Historical records and family trees ... › names › elizabeth_blind

    Elizabeth Blind (born Of Bohemia), 1292 - 1330 Elizabeth Blind (born Of Bohemia) was born on month day 1292, at birth place, to Wenceslaus II Bohemia and Jutta Bohemia (born of Habsburg). Wenceslaus was born on September 27 1271, in Prague, Czech Republic. Jutta was born on March 13 1271.

  10. Elizabeth, queen of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia. › people › Elizabeth-Queen-of-Germany

    Jul 11, 2020 · Elisabeth of Bohemia (probably Visegrád, Hungary, 7 October 1409 – Győr (Raab in German), Hungary, 19 December 1442) was the only daughter of Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor, king of Hungary and Bohemia, by his second wife Barbara of Celje. Her father was the last male descent of the House of Luxemburg on the Imperial Throne.

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