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    Elizabeth of Poland, however, never saw her daughter married off. She had died in 1361, at a monastery of the Order of Saint Augustine in Świątkach , and was buried there. Her son, Casimir ( Kaźko ) was groomed to become Casimir the Great's successor as King of Poland but was sidelined by Louis I of Hungary , and instead succeeded Bogislaw ...

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    Elizabeth of Poland (Hungarian: Erzsébet, Polish: Elżbieta; 1305 – 29 December 1380) was queen of Hungary by marriage to Charles I of Hungary, and regent of Poland from 1370 to 1376 during the reign of her son Louis I

  3. Elizabeth of Poland - A true survivor - History of Royal Women

    Dec 14, 2017 · Elizabeth of Poland was born around 1305 as the daughter of Wladyslaw I of Poland and Jadwiga of Kalisz. She had one older sister, Kunigunde, and a younger brother, Casimir. Her father was crowned King of Poland in January 1320. Later that year, Elizabeth was married to Charles I of Hungary, as his third or fourth wife.

  4. Elizabeth of Poland (1305–1380) |

    Elizabeth of Poland (1305–1380) Queen of Hungary. Name variations: Elizabeth Lokietek; Elizabeth of Hungary. Born in 1305 in Poland; died in 1380 in Hungary (some sources cite 1386); daughter of Elizabeth of Bosnia (d. 1339) and Ladislas I Lokietek (1260–1333), king of Poland (r. 1306–1333); married Charles Robert of Anjou (1288–1342) also known as Charles I, king of Hungary (r. 1307 ...

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  6. Elizabeth of Poland - The popular Duchess of Pomerania ...

    Elizabeth of Poland, Duchess of Pomerania, does not have the fame and accomplishments that her namesake aunt has. However, she is fondly remembered in the Pomeranian city of Szczecinek, which shows that she must have been a popular duchess in her lifetime. Everything known about her suggests that she was an ideal duchess consort.

  7. Elizabeth of Poland (fl. 1298–1305) |

    Elizabeth of Poland (fl. 1298–1305)Queen of Bohemia. Flourished between 1298 and 1305; third wife of Wenceslas II (1271–1305), king of Bohemia (r. 1278–1305); children: Wenceslas III (1289–1306), king of Bohemia (r. 1305–1306); Anna of Bohemia (who married Henry of Carinthia, king of Bohemia, r.

  8. Elizabeth of Poland, Kazimierzówna (c.1326 - 1361) - Genealogy

    Elisabeth of Poland, Duchess of Pomerania From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Elisabeth of Poland (Polish: Elżbieta Kazimierzówna) (1326–1361) was the eldest child of Casimir III of Poland and his first wife Aldona of Lithuania. Family. Elisabeth had one full-blood sister, Cunigunde of Poland who married Louis VI the Roman.

  9. Elizabeth of Poland (c1232-1265) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Elizabeth Piast of Poland was born circa1232 to Henry II the Pious of Poland (c1196-1241) and Anne of Bohemia (1204-1265) and died 16 January 1265 of unspecified causes. She married Przemysł I of Poznań (c1221-1257) 1244 JL . Notable ancestors includeCharlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are fromthe Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, France, the ...

    • 1232
    • Anne of Bohemia (1204-1265)
    • 16 January 1265
    • Przemysł I of Poznań (c1221-1257)
  10. Pedigree: Elizabeth of POLAND

    Elizabeth of POLAND. HM George I's 11-Great Aunt. HRE Charles VI's 11-Great Aunt. Poss. U.S. President [WASHINGTON] 's 14-Great Aunt. Poss. PM Churchill's 19-Great Aunt.

  11. Elizabeth Bathory | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Elizabeth Báthory was born in 1560 to Protestant nobility in Hungary. Her family controlled Transylvania, and her uncle Stephen Báthory was king of Poland. She was raised at the family castle in Ecséd.