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  1. Elizabeth of York (11 February 1466 – 11 February 1503) was Queen of England from her marriage to King Henry VII on 18 January 1486 until her death in 1503. Elizabeth married Henry after his victory at the Battle of Bosworth Field, which marked the end of the Wars of the Roses. They had seven children together.

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    Elizabeth of York, known alternatively as Elizabeth Plantagenet, was born on February 11, 1466, at Westminster Palace in London, England. She was the eldest of the nine children of Edward IV, king of England (ruled 1461–1483) and his wife Elizabeth Woodville(sometimes spelled Wydeville). Her parents' marriage had created trouble, and her father was...

    In 1483, with the sudden death of her father Edward IV, Elizabeth of York was at the center of the storm, as the eldest child of King Edward IV. Her younger brother was declared Edward V, but because he was 13, his father's brother Richard Plantagenet was named regent protector. Before Edward V could be crowned, Richard imprisoned him and his young...

    Richard III was killed on the battlefield in 1485, and Henry Tudor (Henry VII) succeeded him, declared himself King of England by right of conquest. He delayed some months in marrying the Yorkist heiress, Elizabeth of York, until after his own coronation. They were married in January 1486, gave birth to their first child, Arthur, in September, and ...

    Elizabeth of York apparently lived peacefully in her marriage. She and Henry had seven children, four surviving to adulthood—a fairly decent percentage for the time. Three of the four became kings or queens in their own right: Margaret Tudor (November 28, 1489–October 18, 1541) who married King James IV of Scotland); Henry VIII, King of England (Ju...

    It's been surmised that Elizabeth became pregnant again to try to have another male heir for the throne after Arthur's death, in case the surviving son, Henry died. Bearing heirs was, after all, one of the most crucial responsibilities of a queen consort, especially to the hopeful founder of a new dynasty, the Tudors. If so, it was a mistake. Eliza...

    Elizabeth of York is a character in Shakespeare's Richard III. She has little to say there; she is merely a pawn to be married to either Richard III or Henry VII. Because she is the last Yorkist heir (assuming her brothers, the Princes in the Tower, have been killed), her children's claim to the crown of England will be more secure. Elizabeth of Yo...

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  2. Jul 01, 2012 · Elizabeth of York was the daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. Born into one of the houses caught in the struggle that would later so eloquently be called 'The Wars of the Roses', one would think that she had a difficult childhood. In fact, she was living a pleasantly secure life until the death of her father in 1483.

    • She Grew Up In Chaotic Times. Elizabeth of York was born at Westminster, the first child of King Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville. As England’s eldest princess, Elizabeth should have had it made in the shade—but Elizabeth was not born in peaceful times.
    • Her Parents’ Marriage Was Scandalous. Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville have one of history’s greatest love stories. And what’s even better than true love?
    • His Mother Made A Dark Threat. Elizabeth’s father fell in love with her mother at first sight—but it might not have been mutual. Edward begged Woodville to become his mistress, but she refused.
    • She Couldn’t Trust Anyone. Though underneath the surface tensions bubbled, Elizabeth of York’s christening was a lavish and joyous affair. Her two grandmothers acted as witnesses, as well as a very special cousin: Richard Neville, AKA, the Kingmaker.
  3. (Forme Queen Consort of England (1486 - 1503)) Elizabeth of York was the wife of Henry VII and the first queen consort of England of the Tudor dynasty. Daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville, Elizabeth of York was born in medieval England in the year 1466.

  4. Jan 13, 2022 · Elizabeth of York was the daughter and eldest child of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. It was the fate of aristocratic daughters to be used to make dynastic alliances to gain the economic, political and/or military support of their husband’s country and/or family. Various matches were proposed for Elizabeth.

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