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  1. Mary Tudor, (born March 1495/96—died June 24, 1533, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng.), English princess, the third wife of King Louis XII of France; she was the sister of England’s King Henry VIII (ruled 1509–47) and the grandmother of Lady Jane Grey, who was titular queen of England for nine days in 1553.

  2. Jul 1, 2012 · Buried: 23 February 1503 Lady Chapel, Westminster Abbey Elizabeth of York was the daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. Born into one of the houses caught in the struggle that would later so eloquently be called 'The Wars of the Roses', one would think that she had a difficult childhood.

  3. Elizabeth of York lived through one of the most chaotic and interesting periods in English history—and she was always right at the center of the action. Because of that, she holds a distinction that no other woman has ever claimed: She is the only woman whose father, brother, husband, and son all became Kings of England.

  4. Elizabeth of York (11 February 1466-11 February 1503) married King Henry VII of England in 1486. This marriage united the House of Plantagenet and the House of Lancaster, the two sides of the Wars of the Roses. She was the mother of King Henry VIII. When she was only 17, her father died of pneumonia . v. t.

  5. Apr 26, 2022 · Mother Elizabeth Woodville. Religion Roman Catholicism. Elizabeth of York (11 February 1466 – 11 February 1503) was queen consort of England from 1486 until her death. As the wife of Henry VII, she was the first Tudor queen.

  6. The daughter of Edward IV, Elizabeth married Henry VII in 1486, thus uniting the Houses of York and Lancaster. She bore him seven children, four of whom survived infancy: Prince Arthur (1486-1502), Henry VIII (1491-1547), Margaret, Queen of Scotland (1489-1541), and Mary, Queen of France and subsequently Duchess of Suffolk (1496?-1533). 3 Likes.

  7. Elizabeth of York Title Queen of England Born 11 February 1466 Place of Birth Westminster Palace Died 11 February 1503 Place of Death Tower of London Cause of Death Childbed Fever Spouse/s. Henry VII Offspring. Arthur, Prince of Wales Margaret, Queen of Scots Henry VIII Elizabeth Tudor Mary, Queen of France

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