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    Sponheim or Spanheim was a medieval German noble family, which originated in Rhenish Franconia. They were immediate Counts of Sponheim until 1437 and Dukes of Carinthia from 1122 until 1269. A cadet branch ruled in the Imperial County of Ortenburg-Neuortenburg until 1806.

  2. Elizabeth von Sponheim b. about 1325 - Rodovid EN

    birth: 1305 title: 1323, Landgrave de Hesse marriage: ♀ Elizabeth von Sponheim death: 2 February 1345 ♀ Elizabeth von Sponheim birth: about 1325 marriage : ♂ Ludwig II von Hessen title: 1340, Landgravine de Hesse

  3. Elizabeth von SPONHEIM-KREUZNACH » More like a forest than a ...

    Elizabeth von SPONHEIM-KREUZNACH was born, daughter of Simon von SPONHEIM-KREUZNACH and Elisabeth van VALKENBURG. She was married about October 16, 1340 to Ludwig von HESSEN, they gave birth to 1 child. This information is part of by on Genealogy Online.

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    • Ludwig Von HESSEN, Ludwig
  4. ♂ Ludwig II von Hessen b. 1305 d. 2 February 1345 ♀ Elizabeth von Sponheim b. about 1325. Children ♂ Hermann II. der Gelehrte Brabant von Hessen b. 1341 d. 24 May 1413 ♂ Otto de Hesse b. 1341 d. 1357 ♀ Agnese de Hesse b. 1344 d. 1394

  5. Pedigree: Elisabeth von SPONHEIM-KREUZNACH

    HM George I's 8-Great Grandmother. HRE Charles VI's 9-Great Grandmother. PM Churchill's 16-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 17-Great Grandmother.

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    The family took its name from their ancestral seat at Sponheim Castle in the Hunsrück range, in present-day Burgsponheim near Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate. From the 11th century the family was divided in two closely related branches. One of these branches, probably the senior one, retained the Duchy of Carinthia and originated the County of Ortenburg in Bavarian. The other one remained in Rhenish Franconia, retaining the County of Sponheim. The founder of the ducal branch was Count Siegfried I (1010–1065), a Ripuarian Frank by birth and retainer of the Salian emperor Conrad II. For this reason the family is sometimes termed the Siegfrieding. Siegfried followed Conrad in his 1035 campaign against Duke Adalbero of Carinthia, who for unknown reasons had fallen out of favour with the emperor. By his marriage to Richgard, daughter of one Count Engelbert of the Bavarian Sieghardinger noble family, he became heir to large territories in Carinthia and Tyrol. In 1045 Siegfried receive...

    Ducal line

    1. Siegfried I (d. 1065), Count in the Puster Valley, Margrave of the Hungarian March 1.1. Hartwig (d. 1102), Archbishop of Magdeburg 1.2. Engelbert I (d. 1096), Margrave of Istria 1.2.1. Bernhard I (d. 1147), Margrave in the Windic March 1.2.2. Richardis (d. about 1112), married to Margrave Poppo II of Carniola 1.2.3. Henry IV (1065/70–1123), Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona 1.2.4. Engelbert II (d. 1141), Margrave of Carniola and Istria, Duke of Carinthia and Margrave of Verona 1.2.4...

    Comital line

    1. Stephan I (d. about 1080), probably a cousin of Siegfried I 1.1. Stephan II (d. about 1118), probably married to Sophia of Vornbach, widow of Count Hermann of Salm, German anti-king from 1081 1.1.1. Meginhard I (d. 1136/45), married to Mechtild, daughter of Count Adalbert II of Nellenburg Godfrey I (d. after 1159), probably married to Matilda (Mechtild), daughter of Duke Simon I of Lorraine Godfrey II, probably married to a daughter of Count Gerlach of Veldenz

    Genealogia Sponhemica
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  7. Person Page - 53231 - the peerage

    May 12, 2012 · Elizabeth von Sponheim is the daughter of Simon II Graf von Sponheim and Elisabeth von Kleve Vrouwe van Valkenburg en Monschau. 1,2 She married Ludwig von Hessen, son of Otto I Landgraf von Hessen and Adelheid Gräfin von Ravensburg, in 1340. 1

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    Sep 05, 2010 · Eberhard I Graf von Sponheim 1. M, #409743, b. 990, d. 1045 ... Elizabeth FitzHerbert was the daughter of Anthony Fitzherbert and Martha Austen. 2 She married Sir ...

  9. Gottfried Sponheim - Historical records and family trees ...

    Gottfried Gottfried II Sponheim was born in 1149, in Burgsponheim, Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, to Count Gottfried Gottfried I von Sponheim and Mathilde Countess of Saarbrucken, Countess of Sponheim von Saarbrucken.

  10. Engelbert II von Sponheim (Sponheim), Herzog von Kärnten ...

    ENGELBERT [II] von Sponheim, son of ENGELBERT [I] von Sponheim Graf im Krainchgau, im Pustertal und von Sponheim & his wife Hedwig --- (-12/13 Apr 1141). The Fundatio Monasterii Sancti Pauli in Carinthia names (in order) "Engelbertus primogenitus, Sigfridus, Bernhardus et Heinricus" as sons of "Engelberto comite seniore"[85].