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  1. Directed by Aleksandras Brokas and Mindaugas Urbonavicius, and narrated by British cinema legend Jeremy Irons, Endless Corridor follows Lithuanian journalist Richard Lapaitis on a trip back to Azerbaijan 20 years after he covered the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the Khojaly massacre as a war correspondent; a story, he says, that has haunted him since. —bakhartalib

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    • Aleksandras Brokas, Mindaugas Urbonavicius
  2. The Endless Corridor (Japanese: 無限回廊, "Mugen Kairō" / lit. "Infinity Corridor") is a field split into several floors, several of them wrapping around from one end to the other in an endless fashion. The Key of Eternity is required to progress beyond the first floor.

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    The Endless Corridor is accessed from the Mausoleum of the Giants. It also serves as a one-way exit from the Dimensional Corridor. The Corridor bears an Arabic motif; a bizarre-looking Arabian skyline dots the background. There are five corridors within the Endless Corridor. To go from the top corridor to the next highest corridor, the player needs to get the Endless Key first. Doing so summons a ladder connecting the two. To go from the 2nd highest corridor to the 3rd, the player must light up the lanterns associated with the "end of the 5th year of the Aztecs" (2012, as stated in the manual) by touching them. You must touch each lantern only once. The order is: bottom-left lantern of B-2, top-right lantern of C-2, middle lantern of B-2, bottom lantern of D-2. To go from the 3rd highest corridor to the 4th, the player must place a weight on the pedestal at the entrance, then run quickly to put a weight on the dragon. Alternatively, a secret passage in the right-hand wall (suggested...

    Hidden Thing: Video Hustler ROM Location: Endless Corridor B-1 Examine the skeleton that lies near to the top of the screen. Hidden Thing: Konami Golf ROM Location: Endless Corridor D-2 Examine the unmarked gateway at the top-right corner of the screen. Hidden Thing: Konami Boxing ROM Location: Endless Corridor D-3 Examine the damaged monument at the bottom-left. Hidden Thing: Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 ROM Location: Endless Corridor B-4 Destroy the lower-left pot and examine the area in which it was standing. Puzzle: Get the Map Location: Endless Corridor A-1 Exit A-1 to the left to be transported back to D-1; the map will then appear at A-1. Puzzle: Get the Keyblade Location: Endless Corridor C-2 Defeat all of the flower enemies on screen. Puzzle: Get the Twin Statue Location: Endless Corridor A-3 Place a Weight on the pedestal at D-3 and then race to A-3 before time runs out to collect the statue. Travel through the hidden passageway just right of the upper ladder at D-3 for a shortcut. Pu...

    Location: Endless Corridor C-1 Use the Life Seal near the center of the screen. 120 Coins - Bombs 30 Coins - Throwing Knives 20 Coins - Weights

  3. The Endless Corridor is a room located in the Cyan Area of the Dungeon in the game Ib. As the name implies, this room is a seemingly endless hallway, the end of which can only be reached by walking a specific path.

  4. Endless - 80 combo Light and Dark attack on all enemies. Infinite World - 15 combo Light attack on all enemies & 50% chance to inflict Curse, Paralysis and Weak. 15% chance to use per action. Every 3 turns. Deadly End - Massive Light attack on enemy with highest HP that deals 160% of HP as damage. 20% chance to use.

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  5. Modernist alienation takes on a gigantic twenty-first-century form, the endless corridors of apartment blocks stretching imperceptibly into the gloom. The Times Literary Supplement On a big ship with endless corridors, the less mobile might want to think about a cabin near the lifts.

  6. Endless Corridor is level Extra-5 of Depths. After beating this, the player has access to Meta. This level is located in the in depths. Transform 01 into , 03 into , and 05 into . Form , and put to the right side of the left . Form . Form by putting the next to the . Transform 01 into and 03...

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