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  1. 1602 – Anglo-Spanish War: An English fleet intercepted and attacked six Spanish galleys in the Dover Straits.; 1876 – Texas A&M University opened as the first public institution of higher education in the U.S. state.

  2. Broken English, also known as Engrish, is a name for a non-standard, non-traditionally spoken or alternatively-written version of the English language. These forms of English are sometimes considered as a pidgin if they have derived in a context where more than one language is used.

  3. Basic English (Business Academic Scientific International Commercial) is a controlled language used to explain complex thoughts. It has 850 basic English words chosen by Charles Kay Ogden . Some articles in the Simple English Wikipedia use only Basic English.

  4. Simple English Wikipedia gives information about a certain subject using fewer words and simpler grammar than the normal English Wikipedia. Simple English Wiktionary; Basic English, created by Charles Kay Ogden, which only contains some words; Learning English, by the Voice of America broadcasting service Special English: the Voice of America ...

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