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  1. Enoc (hijo de Caín) - Enoch (son of Cain) -

    Awan y Cain Según el libro del Génesis , Enoc ( / i n ə k / ; hebreo : חֲנוֹך ; Hanok ) fue un hijo de Caín , y padre de Irad . Después de que Caín llegó a la tierra de Nod , a la que el Señor lo desalojó como castigo por asesinar a su hermano Abel , su esposa quedó embarazada y dio a luz el primer hijo de Caín, a quien llamó ...

  2. Book of Enoch | Religion-wiki | Fandom

    The Book of Enoch is a title given to several works that are attributed to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah; that is, Enoch son of Jared (Genesis 5:18). There are also three other biblical Enochs: the son of Cain (Gen. 4:17), the son of Midian (Gen. 25:4), and the son of Reuben (Gen. 46:9; Ex. 6:14). The last two are transcribed "Hanoch" in the modern translations. Most commonly, the ...

  3. Translation of Enoch in English - Babylon

    Enoch, Onech hanoch (Hebrew) Initiation or initiated; hence also hierophant. In the Bible (Genesis 4, 5), "there are three distinct Enochs -- the son of Cain, the son of Seth, and the son of Jared; but they are all identical, and two of them are mentioned for the purposes of misleading.

  4. Enoch

    Enoch was son of Jared and fathered Methuselah. This Enoch is not to be confused with Cain’s son Enoch. The text of the Book of Genesis says Enoch lived 365 years before he was taken by God.” ~ Wikipedia. Born in Babylon, Enoch, Jared’s son, brother of Azrial and father to Methuselah, is a player in the book of Genesis.

  5. Incest - Wikipedia

    The earliest Biblical reference to incest involved Cain. It was cited that he knew his wife and she conceived and bore Enoch. During this period, there was no other woman except Eve or there was an unnamed sister and so this meant Cain had incestuous relationship with his mother or his sister.

  6. If Jesus is the son of God who are Cain and Abel? - Quora

    Jul 20, 2017 · Cain was the son of Lilith and Adam. Abel was the son of Adam and Eve. Cain killed Abel. Cain is also equate to Samuel, who is also the son of Satan. Thus, one might question, Adam being of a different state, than Satan, whereas Satan being the ‘u...

  7. Lamech (/ˈleɪmɪk/; Hebrew: לֶמֶךְ‎ Lemeḵ) was a patriarch in the genealogies of Adam in the Book of Genesis.

  8. Henoch - Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

    The name of the son of Cain (Gen., iv, 17, 18), of a nephew of Abraham (Gen., xxv, 4), of the first-born of Ruben (Gen., xlvi, 9), and of the son of Jared and the father of Mathusala (Gen., v. 18 sq.). The last-named patriarch is the most illustrious bearer of the name.

  9. Enoch - 5 definitions - Encyclo

    Enoch 1) An Arden 2) Ancestor of Noah 3) Arden 4) Arden of fiction 5) Arden or Light 6) Bandleader Light 7) Boardwalk Empire boss 8) Cain raised him 9) Eldest son of Cain 10) Father of Methuselah 11) Fictional Arden 12) Firstborn son of Cain 13) Grandson of adam 14) Great-grandfather of noah 15) He was raised by Cain

  10. Curse and mark of Cain | Religion-wiki | Fandom

    In Christianity and Judaism, the curse of Cain and the mark of Cain refer to the Biblical passages in the Book of Genesis chapter 4, where God declared that Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, was cursed for murdering his brother, and placed a mark upon him to warn others that killing Cain would provoke the vengeance of God. 1 Biblical reference 2 Interpretations 2.1 Modern 2.2 Zohar 2.3 ...