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  1. Valdemar I of Denmark - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Valdemar was the son of Canute Lavard, Duke of Schleswig, the chivalrous and popular eldest son of King Eric I of Denmark. Valdemar's father was murdered by King Magnus I of Sweden days before the birth of Valdemar; his mother, Ingeborg of Kiev , daughter of Grand Prince Mstislav I of Kiev and Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden , named him after ...

  2. Valdemar II of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Oct 19, 2020 · Eric Ploughpenny (1232–1241) Succeeded by Eric Ploughpenny: Preceded by Christopher: Duke of Schleswig 1183–1216 with Valdemar the Young (1209–1216) Preceded by Canute I: Duke of Estonia 1240–1241

  3. 瓦爾德馬三世 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书瓦爾德馬三世

    1 day ago · 克里斯托弗二世和 Eric Christoffersen ( 英语 : Eric Christoffersen of Denmark ) 摄政: 荷爾斯泰因的格哈德 ( 英语 : Gerhard III, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg ) 什勒斯維希公爵; 統治: 1325年–1326年 1330年–1364年: 前任: Eric II ( 英语 : Eric II, Duke of Schleswig

  4. Master Index

    5 days ago · Genealogy Royal Noble Peer Duke Count Lord Baron Baronet Sir Peer Database Family ... Valdemar IV, Herzog von Schleswig to Errington, George ... Eric John to Miller ...

  5. List of rulers of Saxony Facts for Kids - Kiddle
    • Dukes of Saxony
    • Electors of Saxony
    • Kings of Saxony
    • Heads of The Albertine Branch of The House of Wettin

    The original Duchy of Saxony was the lands of the Saxon people in the north-western part of present-day Germany, namely, the modern German state of Lower Saxony as well as Westphalia and Western Saxony-Anhalt, not the modern German state of Saxony. Early dukes 1. Hadugato (ruled about 531) 2. Berthoald (ruled about 627) 3. Theoderic (ruled about 743-744) 4. Widukind(ruled about 777-810) 5. Abo (ruled about 785-811) Hattonid dynasty 1. Banzleib (830s)

    The Golden Bull of 1356 confirmed the right to participate in the election of a Holy Roman Emperor to the Duke of Saxony in the Saxe-Wittenberg line. For the predecessor see the section Ascanian Dukes of Saxe-Wittenbergabove in this article.

    The Holy Roman Empire came to an end in 1806. The Elector of Saxony, allied to Napoleon I, anticipated its dissolution by becoming the ruler of an independent Kingdom of Saxony in 1806.

    Saxony became a republic at the end of the German Empirein 1918. For later rulers, see List of Ministers-President of Saxony. 1. Frederick Augustus III of Saxony, 1918-1932. 2. Frederick Christian, Margrave of Meissen, 1932-1968. 3. Maria Emanuel, Margrave of Meissen, since 1968.

  6. Nati il 5 maggio - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · 1673 - Filippo Ernesto di Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg († 1729) 1684 - Françoise Charlotte d'Aubigné, nobile francese († 1739) 1705 - John Campbell, IV conte di Loudoun, generale britannico († 1782) 1710 - Francesco Parisi, letterato e presbitero italiano († 1794) 1712 - Giovanni Battista Biroldi, organaro italiano († 1792)

  7. 5 days ago · 1594 - John Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Weimar (d. 1626) 1705 - Edward Hawke, 1st Baron Hawke, English admiral (d. 1781) 1723 - Louis-Pierre Anquetil, French historian (d. 1808) 1728 - Tsar Peter III of Russia (d. 1762) 1779 - Friedrich Carl von Savigny, German jurist and historian (d. 1861) 1783 - Princess Catherine of Wuerttemberg, Queen Consort ...

  8. Dog Transport List - Gundog Central

    6 days ago · Free hunting dog classifieds for the upland bird hunter and wetland waterfowl hunter. Find puppies for sale, started dogs for sale and finished dogs from all sorts of different pointing breeds, retrieving breeds and flushing breeds..

  9. Nati nel 1888 - Wikipedia

    Oct 19, 2020 · Eric Blom, lessicografo, musicologo e critico musicale svizzero († 1959) Muhammad Husayn Haykal, scrittore egiziano († 1956) Tôn Đức Thắng, politico vietnamita († 1980) Harry Welfare, calciatore e allenatore di calcio inglese († 1966) 21 agosto. Ernesto Fígoli, allenatore di calcio e calciatore uruguaiano († 1981)